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Anna Hazare’s fast against corruption has received massive support and that was the talk of the country the entire last week and will probably remain till the time it comes to a logical conclusion.

However, we also had some other interesting news and articles last week. Lets take a look!

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap – 3 types of Innovation, Indian Mobile subscribers, Reliance Tablet, Google+ Games & More...

Everyone has been talking for last couple of years that Nokia is going downhill, thats absolutely true… but do you think it has it in itself to stage a comeback?

Crowdsourcing & co-creation are some of the buzzwords in today’s social world. It has become extremely important to have close participation of end-consumer in building your product or service!

Ok, so we had a poll few months back asking readers as to who is the best 3G service provider in India – BSNL takes the top slot with close to 35% choosing them over others!

Like I mentioned before Anna Hazare was on everybody’s mind last week. Marketers, gamers, developers all all taking advantage of this buzz. We not only witnessed launch of an India against corruption app on Android, but also a fun little game on the same theme.

Better late than never seems Yahoo’s motto. Yahoo launched free streaming Bollywood movie site called Yahoo movieplex to compete with Youtube’s relatively old Youtube Box Office!

Everyone talk’s about the “First mover advantage” – but history has shown that it is not an advantage to be a first mover in the market, but a disadvantage!

Tablets are the hot new gadgets that everyone is after – but what about Enterprise acceptance of these device? will they be adopted by them in big numbers? Its probably a Courtship set to culminate in Marriage!

Stock Markets across the globe tumbled last week. It also affected company valuation to a large extent. Coal India upstaged Reliance to become the most valuable company in India based on Market Capitalization!

Dell retained its spot as the number one PC manufacturer in India – But, HP lost its second place to Acer!

Close to the heels of Reliance Tablet launch , Bharti’s Beetel has launched its own tablet Beetel Magiq!

New Bank licenses have not been given for many years now – However, looks like according to RBI announcement, that is going to change. New Bank licenses may soon become a reality!

Here is what every startup should keep in mind while building their web apps – Build Web Apps for humans not for “users”!

Here are 13 reasons why you may get fired from your job – Keep away from them!

The unlikeliest of all places – Middle East – is fast becoming the new education hub of the world!

Did you know that Delhi-NCR region trumps all cities in India when it comes to job creation!

And if you are an entrepreneur thinking about opening a business in Singapore, you must read this article!

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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap – 3 types of Innovation, Indian Mobile subscribers, Reliance Tablet, Google+ Games & More...

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