13 reasons why you may get fired from your Job! [Infographic]


Did you know that “sleeping on the job” is one of the top 6th reason for getting fired on the job? TribeHR recently released in interesting infographic that gives you interesting insights on the reasons why employees get fired from their jobs.

The biggest reason obviously is poor performance, but you will be surprised with 2nd major reason and it is “Bringing your personal problems to office”.

Interestingly, the infographic also gives top 10 reasons as to why “Bad Employees” never get fired from their jobs.

I am sure you may have heard this phrase “He/She does not do anything still gets promoted [or gets highly paid etc]” – The most probable reason is, they are probably having a relationship with one of the higher authorities…

13 reasons why you may get fired from your Job!

reasons for getting fired

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  1. Raghav says

    indeed true… Major reason bad employee dont get fired is because they have relationship (u know wt i meant) wt Boss..i have seen this.

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