How Brand Identity (Perception) Helps IT Companies Hire Talent


There has been a mad rush among the IT sector in the past few years to invest in brand building initiatives. Where IT companies do not invest heavily in traditional marketing channels like print or TV, brand building initiatives take priority in order to establish visibility and credibility with industry analysts and customers.

Recruitment is another area where IT companies are realizing value from investing in brand building initiatives. It is no surprise that competition is intense in the IT sector and being a people intensive business, companies need to have access to best talent to ensure leadership position. IT/ITES sector was the first to pay high salaries as against other sectors and this helped companies in the sector attract talent in plenty. However, in the current scenario the demand for readily available resource pool is critical especially at the fresher level. The challenge IT companies face now is to attract this fresh talent pool and establish themselves as the best place to work for in IT

Pay higher salaries and get it done, easy isn’t it. Turns out it isn’t that easy. According to the survey conducted by FirstNaukri (a sister concern of, even fresh graduates are looking beyond fat pay cheques when it comes to choosing their first IT employer.

Companies with better brand identity are preferred by fresh graduates (engineers, BCAs etc.). The survey which included 4,500 engineering and graduate students reveals which IT companies are most preferred by fresh graduates

  • For graduates, Infosys and Wipro are the most preffered employers with over 29 per cent and 26 per cent students followed by IBM and TCS. Both Wipro and Infosys have been at forefront of brand building initiatives in the past and continue to do so
  • Engineers prefer IBM over other IT employers while Infosys and TCS jointly take the second spot. Accenture follows at the third place
Interesting to see that Cognizant is missing from the list of most preffered employers despite the stupendous performance in the last few quarters. Also, from a pure positioning perspective, i expected HCL to top the list with its ‘Employee First, Customer Second’ philosophy.
The survey also reveals that fresh graduates rely a lot on the feedback from their seniors or they are influenced by parents to make their choice. This is the reason i included ‘Perception’ in the post title after brand identity. Fresh graduates are not really basing their decision on the brand identity/value of the employer, it could very well be the perceived brand value as provided by their seniors. Nothing wrong with that, but shouldn’t there be focus on basing the decision on work culture and growth options that the employer can offer.
Exploring Gamification To Expose Real Brand Identity Of The
Imagine a third-party gamification platform which creates a virtual office environment for various employers. The elements in the atmosphere could be a crowdsourced initiative to ensure that no manipulation happens. A game like arena where one can see how a specific office work culture is and how some fundamental processes work. May be existing employees of various companies can log on to the platform to contribute and help fresh graduates with a real-time unbiased feedback. I am no expert at gamification and this idea may be an ill-constructed one but i think there are possibilities here where the bridge between the employee and employer can be constructed.
What are are your thoughts on the criticallity of brand identity when it comes to choosing an IT employer? Do you agree with the survey results and how different companies are perceived by fresh graduates

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