India Against Corruption (IAC) now has an Android app!


India Against Corruption (IAC) now has an Android app and a Symbian app, to help spread awareness about the movement.

The Android app is a free download from the market and the downloads have surged in the past few days. The app was released on Aug 6, 2011 and was developed by Juvenis Tech (they don’t have any other apps in the app store). India Against Corruption (IAC), has previously released a Twitter app.


IAC app runs on all Android devices running OS version of 1.6 or up. IAC app has latest news, streaming videos, polls, volunteer registration, latest about Lokpal and few other features. Looks like the app was developed in a record time and is also much needed to spread the word.


Lokpal Messenger is another app developed for Nokia phones by two Sastra University students. This app aggregates all the blog discussions on Lokpal, connects with IAC and shows all the events related to IAC.

Both Lokpal Messenger and IAC are available in the Ovi store. IAC Android app link.

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  1. ashwini mishra says


    Im interested in joining and help fight corruption.

  2. Siva Kumar says

    They Reward us, even for Window-Shopping.. Cool isn't! ;-)

    Mintm is the Future of Mobile Shopping – Very Innovative Mobile Application which rewards even for our Window-Shopping…

    Download Link :

    Am using this application and so I'm recommending it for you. ;-)

  3. Dinesh Babu says

    Nice app based on janlokpal…

  4. Bhasker Raj says

    The UPA government has created a mess by arresting Anna Hazare and now trying to overcome by face saving formulas which will not working.

    The support from the whole country and even from abroad has created jitters for the ruling government.

    The people of India have lost faith in the UPA government and they have no right to rule.

    The only solution is for the opposition to introduce a NO CONFIDENCE MOTION against the government.

    The UPA government has not right to rule now.

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