MTNL launches new Mobile Website builder!


MTNL has tied up with Akmin to launch a mobile website builder. The mobile website can be built in less than 5 minutes and can be published for wider access in seconds. There are more than 20 templates to choose from and the websites built on MTNL’s builder will work on low-end mobile phones too.

Best part about MTNL’s mobile website builder is, you can build a website right from your phone. Watch a demo here and see it for yourself. Check this link for the website built in the demo. (4008×2988)

With the website builder you can add links, content, images, forms and a hit counter too. Once you are done with building your website, you have 2 options – publish to a sub-domain or publish to your own domain. Publishing to a sub-domain gives you a address. (4288×3262)

The services costs Rs.75 per month and is best suited for small and medium enterprises who want a mobile website. For someone who already has a web address, they can use this service to publish to their sub-domain in no time.

Not everyone needs a high-tech mobile website powered by HTML 5 or a native app. In fact many enterprises out there just want a mobile website with a lot of static content. MTNL mobile website builder is ideally suited for non-technical users who expect their site content to be static for the most part. Give it a try and see if it fits your bill.

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  1. Found great, Most of time peoples surfing the websites via smart phone or through mobile.

    That’s why light weight websites required.

  2. Swift Guy says

    Are there any hidden costs or does 75 cover it all?

  3. Aravind Ramesh says

    We have used the service and the flexibility of the service on different mobile platforms in simply amazing.. a steal at 75/- 

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