5 career mistakes you should avoid at any cost!


This article for people who are just starting off their careers or are trying to get their footing right in professional life. Career mistakes can be life changing and can alter the path of your career unexpectedly.

And if you’re really unlucky, you may feel the wrath of the mistake for the rest of your life. So watch out for these 5 career mistakes that you should avoid at any cost.


Being known as the whistle blower

For those of you who don’t know, a whistle blower is a person who informs higher authorities about illegal or dishonest activities that are happening in an organisation, a corporate house, an industry or in the government.

Being known as a whistle blower is probably the worst career mistake that you can make.

Organisations, corporate houses and industries run and function on closely guarded secrets. No employer or boss wants to hire a person who is known as a whistle blower.

So stay away from this deadly career mistake and if you must blow the whistle, make sure that you maintain secrecy about it.

Changing jobs / careers because you hate your job

If you are thinking of changing careers simply because you hate your job, we suggest you give this another thought.

There is a reason why a job is called, well, a job. If it was supposed to be fun, it’d be called something nice, wouldn’t it? The point we are trying to drive home is that we all have a love hate relationship with our jobs.

You may be going through a tough phase in your professional life but that’s not reason enough for you to make this career mistake of switching jobs or careers.

The best way to avoid this career mistake is to take some time off and assess why you really hate your job. Analyse your problems and take a calculated decision.


Even if you don’t deal with bundles of cash on a day to day basis, the concept of stealing can arise when you use your office resources for personal matters. Avoid this career mistake at any cost because this one can come and haunt you later on in your career path.

Claiming false expenses and using company resources for personal funding are some of the common career mistakes that many do. Don’t let this happen to you.

Losing confidential information

Like we said earlier, companies value their secrecy beyond all else. So make sure that you don’t make the dreaded career mistake of losing confidential data, files or paperwork. Depending on what position you are, the career mistake of losing confidential information can cost you company thousands or even millions. Don’t let this happen to you. Keep any confidential data safeguarded.

Job hopping for the love of money

If you don’t know what this career mistake means, try finding out the work experience of top level executives of the big corporate houses or big industries in India. You will find that the people at the top level are usually who’ve stuck with the company through thick and thin for long years.

Even if they’ve been appointed from another company, they’re the sort of people who usually stick with their jobs for longer periods than the average Joe.

Frequent job changes just for a nominal rise in pay may seem lucrative, but this career mistake can look poor in your resume and can hurt you many years down the line.

It takes many years to build a reputation and just a second to lose it. Whether committed on deliberation or on oversight, make sure these 5 career mistakes never happen to you.

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