Mohandas Pai set to Launch a USD 100 Mn PE Fund


Despite all that’s going on with Infosys (average quarterly performance, visa issues), Infosys leadership has always been top notch. The likes of Narayana Murthy, Nandan Nilkani have been instrumental in making Infosys what is today and they have both played a crucial role in passing on the leadership baton to others at Infosys successfully.

What is also interesting is the paths the likes of Mr. Murthy and Mr. Nilkani have chosen after leaving Infosys. For some reason, both have made their way into the public sector. Where Mr. Nilkani is heading the prestigious UID project, Mr. Murthy is now actively involved in helping Bengal become an IT hub.

One would assume that these senior executives had seen-it-all and done-it-all when it comes to working in the corporate sector and making a positive impact in the public sector through technology came as an obvious choice.

pai-lrgInteresting, Mr. Mohandas Pai – an Infosys veteran and contender for the CEO post who recently quit the company amidst some controversy has chosen to tread a different path. Mohandas Pai is all set to launch a $100 Mn private equity fund and his fund is apparently close to making their first investment. Other details about the PE fund are,

  • Mohandas Pai has founded the PE fund along with Mr Ranjan Pai (of the Manipal Group)
  • The fund will make mid and late stage investments and focus on technology and healthcare firms
  • No external investors have been roped in so far. This suggests that the PE fund could be a close knit affair and Mohandas Pai would like to be closely involved with the portfolio companies

From whatever information is available so far, this seems like a good use of Mr. Mohandas Pai’s capabilities. He has had a distinguished career at Infosys where he has gotten his hands dirty in almost every business function (except may be sales).

He has been the CFO, handled operations and also led the HR function. Further, he was instrumental in seeing Infosys scale from a mid-size company to the behemoth it is now.

With his skill sets and the kind of experience, the focus of his PE fund looks spot on for now. Additionally, the domain focus of the PE fund is also aligned to Mohandas Pai’s expertise.

Only time will tell how Mohandas Pai’s PE fund performs, but the initial strategy looks promising. There is however a hint of doubt whether the service industry focus will bode well with portfolio companies (which might include a lot of product companies).

Whatever happens, it is good to see leaders of this stature putting their years of experience to good use.

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