BSNL Website Hacked by PCA, User Data Compromised!


According to the report in The Hacker News, BSNL website has been purportedly hacked by Pakistan Cyber Army. THN also has published the screenshots of the hacked website.


Now, this is really getting serious – Not only are Government websites getting continuously hacked, but user data is also getting compromised. According to the THN news, the hackers have managed to get their hands on information of over 10,000 BSNL Users regarding their name, email, phone number and location & BSNL’s internal working of VPN ,detail of circuits and as well as more technical details.

Even after such repeat hack attacks, Indian government agencies are not able to secure their servers and websites. Less than a month back NIC website was hacked by Annonymous group and now BSNL is hacked by PCA.

When will our government wakeup and employ competent people who can secure our servers & websites !

[Note: you can view more screenshots of BSNL hacking on THN]

  1. Abhishek Guha Thakurta says

    good for nothing.

  2. Balaji yadhav says

    Only 10,000 members ???…….,does BSNL adopt distributed server technology or what……….. if the user data is compromised how come it is only 10,000 members weird if this is true then we should actually congratulate BSNL.

  3. Mobile Locator Software says

    This is really a very big problem as the confidential information can be shared on the internet or can be used by our enemies. If the Govt. websites are not secure how can other be.

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