Products Vs. Services – The Smarties Guide!


One person whom I have learnt a lot from, is Alok Kejriwal. I have been fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time with him in meeting rooms over past couple of years and every time I have come out of those meeting rooms, there has always been a feeling that I have gained something positive out of it.

Alok has a unique way of expressing his point across – informally and simplistically ! I just came across a presentation he uploaded today on Slideshare, which puts “Products vs Services” dilemma in proper perspective.

A must read for entrepreneurs who are still are still thinking – “Products or Services”!

Also, if you are an entrepreneur – Do subscribe to his Rodinhood blog !

  1. Dhiraj says

    Thankyou for the post. I think Slide no. 8 is very relevant for Indian Startups wanting to build product.

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