Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Sino, Airtel & 32 other companies sued by India’s Kootol for patent infringement!


Kootol Software Limited an Indian company has sent an informative notice to 32 companies across the globe. The companies in Kootol’s good list include almost all the famous technology companies including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook. In addition Kootol is also trying to sue Bharti Airtel, Webaroo (SMSGupShup) from India and Sino.com from China. If you thought that is it, then you will be amazed. This is just the first set. Kootol has plans to sue more companies and people including the developer community.

32 companies are being sued for just one patent. What is this amazing patent that these amazing companies have chosen to ignore? Here’s what the patent says :

A system for transmission, reception and accumulation of the knowledge packets to plurality of channel nodes in the network operating distributedly in a peer to peer environment via installable one or more role active Human Operating System (HOS) applications in a digital devise of each of channel node, a network controller registering and providing desired HOS applications and multiple developers developing advance communication and knowledge management applications and each of subscribers exploiting the said network resources by leveraging and augmenting taxonomically and ontologically classified knowledge classes expressed via plurality search macros and UKID structures facilitating said expert human agents for knowledge invocation and support services and service providers providing information services in the preidentified taxonomical classes, wherein each of channel nodes communicating with the unknown via domain specific supernodes each facilitating social networking and relationships development leading to human grid which is searchable via Universal Desktop Search by black box search module. (USPTO)

kootol patent

kootol patent1

Real-time message, the kind used in twitter, is Kootol’s patent. We are all indebted for the Tweets, Facebook messages and Google shares to this company called Kootol. This patent is filed by Yogesh Rathod who is also in Kootol’s team.

Kootol doesn’t have the patent. Not yet.

The patent is filed with USPTO and has an US patent number of 20100030734. What Kootol got so far is a Notice of Allowance. The patent should be awarded to Kootol in due time. But this is no time to sue companies because Kootol doesn’t have the actual patent.

As per FOSSPatents, Kootol might actually settle with few of the companies and use that money to sue more companies as Kootol isn’t deep pocketed. There is also a chance of Kootol jumping the gun a little too early. As this notice gives ample time for other companies to respond and probably influence the patent itself from getting awarded to Kootol.

This is going to be so much fun.

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  2. Balaji yadhav says

    Waste of time.Some company trying to make some money through lawsuits.

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