Mumbai Blasts: Twitter again plays a vital role in helping the stranded!


Mumbai is again under siege – 3 Serial Blasts were reported in a gap of 10 minutes (Dadar, Zaveri Bazar and Opera House – diamond market).

This time again Twitter has played a crucial role in spreading the (factual) news, curbing the rumours and biggest of all helping the people stranded in various places due to bomb blasts. The updates on twitter were especially important due to the fact that Mobile lines were jammed.

Literally hundreds of twitter folks were extending help to stranded citizens using twitter hashtag #Here2Help. Most people are giving out there areas and phone numbers so that people can contact them and take shelter till things cool down!

Various Twitter Hastags used

  • #Here2Help – if you want to help
  • #NeedHelp – if you need help
  • #mumbaiblasts for all tweets related to the blasts


Also, there has been a quick blog which has setup that has most information available. Twitterati’s have also gone ahead and created a spread sheet on Google Docs that has list of people with their phone numbers who are ready to help out !

Twitter Folks – We salute you !

  1. Subhadeep Bh says


  2. Ajaypratap Sidhu says

    Very impactful article ARUN,amazing how a social networking site can help out the common people!

  3. Reno Guru says

    wat people's r doing…

  4. Ashish Belagali says

    Yes, I was operating twitter and was seeing a lot of activity there. Someone had published a google docs spreadsheet where contact numbers of people willing to help were there. I asked a couple of people who offered help to enlist in there and they replied back that they were using it on mobile and were not able to access the spreadsheet. I ended up updating the sheet with their numbers.

    Then it dawned upon me that a lot of help could be done remotely simply by matchmaking between #needhelp people and #here2help people. I did that for most part. I also retweeted some entries adding the right tags where they were missing. There was one post which mentioned that a person named Mr Shirsat needed help in moving victims to hospital. I smsed those who could have helped, and for a brief period found myself working with sms in addition to twitter.

    I feel happy to have done my bit in helping. The reason I mentioned the details of what I did is so that more people learn what kind of help they can offer even remotely, thanks to technology, instead of just passively watching TV news channels.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @ashish you have done a great job… Like I mentioned in the article… Twitter has great bunch of folks…all ready to help at moments notice…

  5. Raju says

    As per the actions of our is proved that you can explode bombs and kill people, you embezzle billions of rupees but give the Netas their cut, you make synthetic milk and supply to Govt dairies and to public, you add cancerous colours to the vegetables, it will not mind but if you do some thing which destabilises the Govt or jolts its Kursi, they will lathi charge you,and explode tear gas shells.
    These bomb explosions will not stop as this Govt cannot take action against the terrorists who belong to so called minority community as they are the vote bank which send our netas to parliament

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