13 Mln new Mobile subscribers added in May’11 – Tally reaches 840 Mln!


It looks like the Mobile subscription numbers are cooling down a bit. In March this year,  we had about 20 million new subscriber additions, in April the number fell to 15 million and in May according to TRAI report, India added 13 million new subscribers. Although, this is still not a small number by any stretch of imagination – It is still lower than what we have been used to seeing over last few years.

In May last year India had subscriber base of 617.5 Million and within year’s (From May 2010 to April 2011) time it has reached 840 Million, so roughly about 210 Million new subscribers have been added averaging about 17.5 million every month. May 2011 registered one of the lowest mobile subscriber growth in last one year!

Mobile Subscriber addition Highlights for May 2011

  • 13.35 Million new mobile subscribers were added taking total tally to 840 Mln.
  • Wireline subscribers reduced by 0.15 mln – the tally stands at 34.40 mln.
  • As of May 2011, there are 554.75 Million Urban subscribers as compared to 294 million rural ones.
  • Urban Teledensity (154%) is nearly 5 times higher than rural (34%).
  • There are 2 urban subscribers for every one rural mobile subscriber in India
  • Mobile Number Portability requests increase from 85.41 lakh subscribers at the end of April 2011 to 105.70 lakh subscribers at the end of May 2011.
  • Active wireless subscribers in May 2011 stand at 588.13 Million, which is about 70 percent of all mobile subscribers!
  • Broadband subscription reaches 12.12 Million in May-2011 from 12.01 Million in April-2011.

Mobile Subscriber Addition in May 2011


mobile subscriber addition  main may 2011

Last two months seem to have been bumper months for Reliance as they have managed to add maximum subscriptions for 2 straight months now. Reliance added 2.5 million new subscribers followed by Bharti’s 2.45 million and very close Vodafone in 3rd place with 2.44 million. Idea which was placed 2nd last month managed to add 3.90 million Mobile subscribes in May!

It seems lot of Mobile subscribers have moved away from Videocon as they lost 186k subscribers.

Mobile Service Provider Market Share for May 2011

mobile subscriber addition may 2011

Bharti still maintains a healthy lead of 3.08% over 2nd placed Reliance, when it comes to overall market share. Videocon is 3rd with 16.59% market share. Idea has gone past BSNL with 11.16% overall Mobile subscriber market share!

Mobile Number Portability Status as of May 2011

mnp status

Looks like lot of mobile subscribers in Gujarat are unhappy with their existing service providers as they have crossed total of 1 Million request.

India is about 160 million away from reaching a Billion figure mark – The question is whether we will touch that figure in this year or we will have to wait for 2012. Only time will tell !

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