Indians Ahead of US Developers in Math and Logic, but Fall Behind at Web Programming!


I am sure that there will be disagreements (or probably not) from both the sides, but the results are out come of study based on over 1 million tests taken by nearly 500,000 developers in India & USA.

The study carried out by GILD, a social networking platform for technology professionals that combines social gaming with career advancement, released some interesting results on key programming and communication skills of Indian & US developers.


Results of GILD Study

• Indian developers outscore US developers by 11% on math and logic analytical skills.

• US programmers slightly outperform Indian programmers on mainstream programming languages, including C (US 8% higher), JAVA (9% higher) and SQL (9% higher).

• Indian programmers slightly outshine US programmers on Advanced C++ (Indians lead by 3%)

• US professionals score higher on web programming languages: 53% higher scores on advanced PHP; 27% higher on advanced HTML.

• US tech professionals are 33% better skilled than Indian counterparts at English communication skills.

GILD claims that this is first study that has hard data on the quality of engineers across the US and India.

Generally, I take these studies & reports with a pinch of salt as more often than not, they are based on smaller sample size. In this case though, the results are based on over 1 millions tests taken by over 500k Indian & US developers. I think with that kind of sample size, once can draw broadly correct insights.

Having said that I am quite surprised to see Indian developers so far behind in web development compared to their US Counterparts (US developers have 53% higher scores on advanced PHP; 27% higher on advanced HTML.)

It would be interesting to know what are your views on this..

  1. suraj says

    Reason is differences in education system…..Whatever is given priority in education will be youe USP later in life….

  2. Ankit Agarwal says

    Interesting insights even though it is common knowledge that Indians outscore the west in terms of maths and logic. I guess a diverse education syllabus in India helps overall math skills as against the focused syllabus in the US. Also, we are a jugaad country so Logic is also taken care of :P

    Tech prowess was surprising for me also. With a IT market like the one we have here one would assume we guys would be well versed :-) But then i am not sure as to what kind of survey was conducted. Based on the kind of web startups that originate from the west, we might say that the quality there might be better. India might trump any country in quantity thought :-)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Ankit what I also think is that it reflects ours & US Education system in general…while we are excellent in theory, when it comes to actual implementation of theory (aka web programming), we are on the weaker side.

      In US, practical knowledge is given much higher importance than what it is given in India… I think this results reflect that as well.!

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