New Generic Top-Level Domains ushers one of the biggest changes to World Wide Web!


dot com’s , dot org’s or even dot in’s – You are used to these top level or country specific domains. They have been the order of the internet for a very long time now and that is how we are used to surfing on the web.

However, very soon you may be surprised by seeing some of the domain names. How about or . 

You may very well start seeing those kind of Top level domain names as early as next year! Essentially what it means is – Internet address names will be able to end with almost any word in any language, offering organizations around the world the opportunity to market their brand, products, community or cause in new and innovative ways.


During a special meeting in Singapore today, the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers ) Board approved a plan to dramatically increase the number of Internet domain name endings – called generic top-level domains (gTLDs) — from the current 22, to nearly unlimited numbers

But, if your imagination has already started running wild, hold your thought – This is not going to come cheap. Applicants will need to spend $185,000 upfront just to apply for such unique Top level domain names!

The ICANN board has clearly mentioned that these TLDs will only be offered after a thorough check of the applicants, their businesses etc. While it is easy to make decisions for domain extensions like “dot honda” or “dot pepsi”, I wonder what will ICANN authorities do when someone requests for a non-branded names like “dot search” as no one person / authority or organization can claim a stake.

Let us not worry about it too much right now, as ICANN will be coming out with a rulebook soon.

ICANN also plans to do a global campaign to tell the world about this dramatic change in Internet names and to raise awareness of the opportunities afforded by new gTLDs.

Applications for new gTLDs will be accepted from 12 January 2012 to 12 April 2012.

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