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Tata Docomo is known to come up with user friendly services that help consumers in their daily lives. They now have com up with a new unique value add service called “Route Finder”.

On an average, an Indian commuter stops four times to ask for directions before reaching their final destination especially during the first visit. That’s because being assisted by someone who knows the right direction gives you a sense of relief and security. Since life involves exploring new destinations on a daily basis you will have to stop-and-ask, time and again till you reach there. Imagine having a friend who responds instantly to all your direction problems and gets you on the right path, boon isn’t it?

Tata DOCOMO’s new value added service ‘Route Finder’ is one such friend who will always be there to guide you and keep you on the right track, anytime anywhere.

route finder

It fulfils your requirements for accurate directions to locations & also offers a robust database with millions of points of interest, including restaurants, places of worship, shops and hotels. What makes this service one of its kind is that it isn’t partial! You don’t need a smartphone or a 3G connection to use this service; it is open for all the 2G as well as 3G users.

What makes it unique is that you get turn by turn directions right on your phone anywhere anytime via sms’s. If you do own a smartphone you can also get assistance on a map! Essentially the way it works is to ‘figure out’ the location through triangulation and then deliver the best possible route to the destination – on SMS or on MAP.

This is Tata DOCOMO’s theory of simplifying Value Added Services that also simplifies your life on a daily basis. It enables Tata DOCOMO’s 2G and 3G subscribers in India to reach their destinations more efficiently. Choose your pick to stay on the right path without extra help. Guess the brand does live up to its promise of keeping it simple.

[Disclaimer: Tata Docomo is an advertiser with Trak.in]

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