Windows users most worried about getting their Facebook / Email Account Hacked!


Microsoft India is conducting a security survey on Facebook which throws some interesting statistics about Windows users. The 10 questions posed to users on its facebook page range from “How much time do you spend online in a day?” to “How often do you scan your hard drive?”.

Can you believe that majority of Windows users spend over 5 hours on internet every day – which sums up to over  35 hours a week – Nearly equal to average work hours in a week!

Time spent on Facebook

Over 50% users of total 3371 votes cast said that they spent 5 or more hours online everyday – And I am guessing lion’s share of that time is taken up by Facebook!

And what do they worry about most when they are online ? Over 80% of respondents said they worry about their Facebook & Email account getting hacked. Very few are worried about their Credit Card getting hacked or their online identity being stolen.

Security Worry

The report also brings out just how popular Facebook is – When asked “ Which are your favorite websites that you would like to pin on your Windows 7 Taskbar?”, an overwhelming majority (3280 out of 3469) people responded – Facebook. While, only 89 respondents wanted twitter to be pinned to their Windows 7 taskbar (that may be because most of the twitter users rely on Twitter Apps & Mobiles to tweet!)

Favourite Websites

And which do you think is the most popular Anti-Virus program amongst Windows users – Did you think MacAfee or Norton Antivirus ? No, it is Kaspersky!

There are some other interesting findings as well – Why don’t you head to Facebook Security survey page and check it out for yourself – and do cast your vote as well !

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