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Do you feel like you’re the small fish in a big pond? Are you always stretching your budgets for event promotions? We’ve all been there and done that. We’ve recently stumbled upon and it seems to us that end of such worries is in sight. Falling into the trap of loafing around on Twitter, Facebook and thinking that all your seats will fill up and people will magically attend your event, seems to be a thing of the past.

Goodbuzz deals aims to cater to the needs of independent artists, bands, not-for-profits, small time event promoters, event startups or even individual entrepreneurs. What we find very exciting is Good Buzz’s peer to peer network referral solution.

Here is an example – Lets say you are hosting an event and have 200 contacts in your invite list and there is another member who is hosting another event on platform who also has 200 member in his invite list, both can come to an agreement to cross promote the event free of charge.  It promises to get the numbers queuing up outside the ticket windows of your events.

Various features of the Goodbuzz Platform.

GoodBuzz Campaigns

  • They let you create your own advertising campaigns.
  • Your peers will be able to relay messages to their contacts. Their contacts can further pass on the marketing message.
  • You have access to GoodBuzz’s 8 effective campaign channels.

GoodBuzz Deals

  • GoodBuzz allows you to strike lucrative deals with potential and existing customers.
  • Your peers pick the best deals and spread them around. We think it is common sense that your peer’s contacts will trust these deals since they were coming from familiar people and not as spam.

GoodBuzz Networks

  • You can participate in local and international networks to find your target audience.
  • If that wasn’t enough, you can also create peer referral networks to create a ripple effect of your marketing communication.

GoodBuzz Infogift

  • Your potential customers can view your advertising campaign as valuable content, not as spam.
  • Your peers can too forward your promotional campaigns to their peers, if they want.

The founder of GoodBuzz seems to swear by the P2P technology, guerrilla marketing tools, grass-root marketing and other innovative strategies. We think that not having to bribe journalists, feed the local authorities for that coveted advertising billboard or having the right connections sounds too good to be true.

But it all seems possible with GoodBuzz. Do what you do best and leave the marketing to Goodbuzz. We think that GoodBuzz’s motto to provide sustainable, zero advertising cost marketing solutions will be the next big thing.

After all, we all know that successful marketing campaigns aren’t always heavily funded – they need innovative marketing tools, strategies and ideas like GoodBuzz !

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