Cricketers Survey: BCCI’s influence over ICC worries everyone!


Ok, we are not a sports or a blog – but like most Indian’s we are cricket fanatics and feel very strongly about what is going on in the cricket world!

There is no doubt that BCCI’s clout has grown over past decade – thanks to Billions of advertising & sponsorship revenues it has bought to the game of cricket.

With Money comes power and thats exactly the case with BCCI (Board of Cricket Control in India) and to be honest it has not left a chance to wield its authority in world of cricket. But this clout has left many of the cricketers as well as Cricket boards worried. Many former cricketers have called ICC a mere puppet in front of BCCI!


Introduction of cash rich IPL four seasons back has added another dimension to cricketing world and has turned it upside down. It has given foreign professional cricketers a chance to make money like never before. No cricket board across the world can match the kind of money IPL offers to the cricketers in their high profile auctioning – And lure of money is far too difficult to resist, sometimes even putting their own national duties behind.

Federation of International Cricketer’s Association (FICA) recently carried out a survey regarding various aspects  of the recently concluded World Cup and other relevant issues in World Cricket today. And here are the findings…

FICA 2011 Survey Findings

2011 World Cup

  • 94 % of players gave 2011 World Cup Event a rating of good or above  as compared to only 11% of players rating 2007 WC Event as good or above
  • 74% of players still think the Event is too long

2015 World Cup    

  • 72% of Players support the reduction of teams to 10 countries

Corruption in Cricket

  • 77% of players thought  the penalties that were handed down to the Pakistani players for their spot fixing offences were TOO LENIENT.

Decision Review System

  • 82% of players believe the DRS made for better decision making at the 2011 World Cup
  • 85% of players support the expansion of DRS into other forms of cricket than Test Cricket
  • 97% of players support DRS being compulsory in all Test Matches

One Day Format

  • Only 24 % of players feel their needs a change in the format of ODIs
  • 39% of players believe that Boards program too much One Day cricket

Indian Premier League

  • Nearly one third of players would retire prematurely from International cricket to play exclusively in the Indian Premier League

General – The International Game

  • Over half of the players (54%) would retire from one or more formats of the game because of too much International cricket being played
  • 40% of players believe their Board schedules too much cricket
  • Players believe the major issues confronting the game are Governance (particularly the inequitable influence upon the ICC Board exercised by the BCCI), Corruption and too much International cricket
  • Test Cricket is the format of most importance to the players

International Cricket Council

  • Only 6% of players believe decisions made at ICC Board level are in the wider interests of the game ( outcomes are more so based upon party lines or what is best for my country etc)
  • 69% of players believe decisions are unfairly influenced by the BCCI

I am sure that every 2nd reader of this blog has an opinion on what is happening in the cricketing world right now – We would love to hear what you have say !

  1. Thillai Nathan says

    BCCI Rules ICC.

  2. Thillai Nathan says

    BCCI Rules ICC.

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