Weekly Wrap-up: Indian Consumer Optimism, Billionaires, Free iPhone 4, Top Mobile operators & more..


We had some quite a bit of interesting stories published last week – Here are some of the buzzing ones.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: Internet connectivity, Indian BPL, PC sales, 3G woes, tablets & more...

Medical Tourism has been growing in India – Thanks to cheap, yet quality Medical care facilities in India – Here is quick overview of Medical Tourism in India.

A long drawn affair called IPL is finally over – People seem to be fed-up of overdose of cricket in recent months. Whats your reason for not watching IPL [Poll]?

Have you heard about Advergames – It means advertising + games. Here is a strategic approach to successful advergaming.

Do you know the most Social Media Friendly Bank in India ? It is HDFC in private sector and SBI in the public sector!

This is a really great news for Web publishers in India – Hostgator, one of the top web hosting providers in World is making its foray into India!

Here is one of the most discussed articles of last week – Indian Billionaires and the need of the hour.

If you are an enterprise, and want your workers to put in more time at work – Given them a smartphone. It has been concluded that smartphone users work 10 days more a year and sleep less! [Infographic]

For 5th straight quarter, Indian consumers have shown the highest level of optimism about their future and Indian economic growth in general.

iPhone 4 has finally come to India and Apple’s iPhone exclusive partners, Airtel & Aircel, are offering loads of freebies if you are willing to buy this iconic phone!

Youtube has completed 6 years of existence and today it boasts of humongous 3 billion views & 37 hours of video uploads every minute !

The controversial Google street view imagery has finally come to India and Bangalore will be the first city to see the Google cars & trikes collecting Street images !

I don’t agree to it – But one survey terms India as one of the most friendly countries to Entrepreneurs

Android is an Open Source Mobile OS platform, but does general mobile users really care about it?

Check out the Top 20 Mobile Operators in the world – Airtel is the only Indian mobile operator in the list, which ranks 17th in terms of revenue, but comes at 5th when it comes to subscriber base. It also has the lowest ARPU of all mobile operators listed.

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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: Internet connectivity, Indian BPL, PC sales, 3G woes, tablets & more...

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