Weekly Wrap-up: Speak Asia, Skype, Mobile payment, Indian Ads, Chromebook & more..


Its time for our weekly wrap-up and here are some of the buzzing stories of last week

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I am sure that if someone makes a statement – Facebook is Passé – you wouldn’t believe it for a second! But that is the statement made by one of our Authors – Read Part 1 of story (we will be publishing part 2 of the story).

New Indian Internet rules have been subject of discussion over past weeks – Google has defied them. There is so much regulation put on bloggers for their content while for for TV channels it is matter of self regulation!

Here is an interesting question which makes you think about your dependency on Smartphones – What are you willing to give up to continue using Internet on your smartphone?

Paypal has come up with another rule for already worried paypal users – They now need a purpose code & PAN mandatorily to transfer money back to India!

OK, If you have not heard about Speak Asia Online – You are probably living under a cave and don’t really have any network of friends – But is this hugely popular service a genuine scheme or a Ponzi or a Scam ?

One of the biggest online news of last week has been Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype – What do you think of this marriage ? And the question is what will Microsoft do with Skype?

Do you know that Half of all Indian internet users access it only through their mobile phones – There use of PC for internet is near non-existent !

After a long time we have published a list of some of the more (and some not so) creative advertisements in India – Take a look !

Google is back again to something that may prove to be disruptive – At Google I/O conference they launched Chromebook – A “nothing but web” Mobile device which will be given to students and businesses at $20 & $28 respectively !

Here is a look at some additional Mobile Industry stats put together as a nice Infographic (We area fan of such infographics).

If you are remotely interested in Indian Mobile Industry and how it operates, you must read this – Mobile phone Life-cycle: From Manufacturer to your hands!

Buzzing posts at The Gadget Fan Blog

The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up:Social Media Stats, Shemaroo Movies Online, USD 25 Computer & More..





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