Twitter Updates lets you know #powercuts across India!


Power cuts in India are so common, that if you have un-interrupted power for a week, you are one of the chosen lucky ones! By now, Indians are so used to it that power-cut is a must-consider item before you plan any functions or a major event! And, this is the situation in urban cities – In rural areas, you are lucky if you have uninterrupted power even for a single day!

Indian Government had promised couple of years back that, by 2012, there will be power to all, – it still looks like a distant dream!

Probably the power of new-age media may help Government authorities to understand how serious the power problem really is in India ! A new initiative has been launched by Indian Twitterers (Shefaly Yogendra & Ajay Kumar) that plans to collate upto-the-minute information on power cuts through out India – and How are they doing it ?

By use of Twitter #Hastags and Google Maps!

Twitter users across India are encouraged to tweet about power cuts in their area with Hashtags #powercutindia . Here is how a tweet can be sent –

#powercutindia (street, city – location name/pincode) #from (time) #planned or #unplanned (if its a scheduled load shedding or unexpected outage). Also report with #powercutindia #back when it comes back. You can refer to detailed and other format guidelines here.

How to report power cut through various mediums

  • Twitter – by using the hashtag #powercutindia.
  • Mobile Browser – The website is mobile web accessible up to an extent. So you can view/send reports or browse the site using any internet enabled phone with a browser.
  • Web – using the Submit Report form on the website
  • Smartphone App – iPhone/Android users can download the Ushahidi app from their App stores and add the site URL in its settings as and start reporting.

And what do you get when you report these power-cuts – You get a super-awesome mashup of this data together on Google Map of India!


So, here is an appeal to all twitterverse – Get together and show the power of collective and help this initiative grow!

  1. Shefaly says

    Arun, thank you for giving the Project such a good shout-out with clear instructions for sending data in!

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says


      Its a great example of crowdsourcing + social media + technology for social awareness. Best of luck with this initiative !

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