InMobi’s Smartpay a boon to Indian Mobile App & Game Developers!


InMobi today announced launch of its performance based global mobile payments solution – InMobi SmartPay™ – and from what I have read, this sure looks like it just what the doctor ordered for Mobile App developers.


What is InMobi Smartpay?

InMobi Smartpay is an unified payment solution to mobile consumers – It is basically a consumer checkout service that will integrate all forms of mobile payments, such as credit cards, carrier billing, paypal, and peer-to-peer solutions, into a single global platform.

According to InMobi blog post, Smartpay will start off mobile checkout  with direct to carrier billing first. It plans to then expand to all forms of mobile payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, and local mobile wallets by the end of the year.

Is InMobi Smartpay available in India?

InMobi Smartpay is expected to reach 1 Billion consumers in 7 countries starting with – US, UK, Germany, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and South Africa – Yes, it is available in India. By the end of the year, SmartPay will be available in 30 countries and to over 3 Billion Consumers.

How InMobi will help Mobile App Developers?

Till date Mobile consumers have been dependent on default payment solution available on Mobile OSes. If a consumer wants to buy a particular app, and it is not available in the default Mobile OS market (Android, OVI, iTunes etc..), then you are out of luck. Another big issue is Geography – Most of the times, Mobile App developer has to publish the app in local market only – A person from other country is unable to get that app!

That is where InMobi Smartpay comes into picture – It provides a single point of integration for multiple payment options globally and Mobile App developers can seamlessly integrate  Smartpay into their Mobile Apps.

Piyush Shah, Vice President of InMobi SmartPay™ says on InMobi blog,

Our secure and efficient technology in combination with local InMobi teams handle all the regulatory complexity, fraud detection, tax issues, currency conversion, payment settlements, and customer support, globally. This allows developers and digital merchants to focus on building their core business rather than drowning in red tape & frequent tech changes.”

Really a Game changer?

Yes, if InMobi delivers on the what they have announced it will be a game changer and will also boost app-economy to a large extent. A Unified Mobile payment platform was missing and thats what InMobi Smartpay is!

Give it a whirl and let us know how easy or difficult it is to integrate your apps with Smartpay !

  1. rohit says

    I have been thinking about it since long time.
    How will smartpay work with apps inside the google play and apple marketplace where app developers are forced to use default payment gateways and not the 3rd party payment gateways ?

  2. Bhupendra Kumar says

    Is it possible to sell products through App.

  3. Dr Feel says


  4. all buzzy news says

    yes arun…. it will be boon for them… let;s see…

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