BlackBerry goes Bing !


Google has been leading the search engine market share year over year on web and looking at the trend, will remain unbeaten for times to come.

Although, Bing was launched last year with much Fan fare and many positive reviews, it has still not set the market on fire. Having said that, the market share is steadily increasing, albeit at a snail’s pace! Google still has near monopoly in the market and does not show any sign of going down any time soon!

Search Engine Market Share

Search Engine Market Share

The same is the case on mobile searches where Google is leading by big margin, but now, Microsoft has seems to have started coming into fray by tying up with mobile companies.

Bing is now the default search engine with BlackBerry. This is definitely good news for Bing but a bad news for BlackBerry users as they would not be able to enjoy the Google’s unbeatable search offerings (Not that cannot use it at all, but the default search will always be bing). I would personally think twice before buying Blackberry(only on the basis of this news), if there is no Google search tab in the phone (search is the probably the top most activity I carry out on Mobile Internet).

Bing is coming up slowly and strategizing partnerships. Close to 7 percent of Indians are connected to the Internet and less than 1 percent have access to the internet on their phones. However, we’re talking about a staggering population of 1.21 billion people and over 65% mobile penetration in India (currently about 811 Million Mobile subscribers)

Considering mobile usage in India in near future, bing has got good chances if they go ahead like this – However they sure need to improve their search offerings drastically

Bing needs to improve

Though, from a user point of view I never liked it in terms of navigation, experience and most importantly the search results; there are companies who do not want to advertise because of reasons like

  • Poor Quality Traffic
  • Low Clicks per query
  • Unrelated search results

Only time will tell whether Bing benefits or Blackberry users loose! What do you think?

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  2. Sibin says

    i hope, in future Bing will get better position in mobile usage more than other search engine.

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