Ready for Rediff group deals?

4 India Ltd (NASDAQ listed) is the new entrant in the super hot group-deal market with- Rediff Deal Ho Jaye!


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As per the report and as quoted by Mr. Ajit Balakrishnan:

The service, essentially, offers consumers local services in about 40 cities across India at discounts that range from 30 per cent to 60 per cent on any deals that they avail of.

Among others "Rediff Deal Ho Jaye! will help consumers discover new services and experiences in their city, such as restaurants, spas, hotels, healthcare, tattoos, hobby classes, adventure sports and other local attractions across 70 categories and at 30-60 per cent discounts, thus helping them make the most of their quality time with their family and friends

Although Rediff has nothing to offer new in terms of USP except for a cool “Cash-On-Delivery” option but being India’s one of the biggest portal in terms of user numbers (a cool 15 million unique visitors per month) it has huge expectations from itself. which is India’s biggest group deal site boasts of being present in over 50 cities is Rediff’s major competitor, while Sosasta (acquired by Groupon) might throw surprises anytime. Groupon is also having good cash reserves as they got $12 million funding very recently.

Group buying concept is hot and happening across the globe but having too many players and far too less to offer in terms of service choices, there is both potential and threat to the industry in India!

Have you ever bought a deal from any group buying site? Share your experience with us.

  1. Group Deals never gives break even benefit when products have to be dispensed individually. What we have done to achieve success. Opened up stock depots at all major cities. Authorized them to give hand replacement of not satisfied product. So we managed Quality Assurance to buyer against value for money. We are handling computer hardware sales in this manner. All stock depots are also making retail counter sells if internet Entrepreneur is not involved.

  2. Jerome Quadros says promotes group buying of property through real estate deals. The website has discounted price deals for group buyers of flats and apartments in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad and Indore.

  3. Madhav Shivpuri says

    @Rabbi, Correction- Groupon didn’t raise $12 Mn. It was Snapdeal. Groupon needs more fuel – more like a billion dollars (

  4. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Surprised to see no comments on this till now. In particular, no one said ‘I purchased a group deal’…interesting… Is the group deal model working in India?

    Why only group deals and not individual deals? Why do we want 500 people say yes to eat Thai food at the 4-star restaurant but otherwise not even get 5-10% off? What’s the logic? The difference in shipping 50 products to a single address is cheaper or to arrange a flight for 50 people to go to Hawaii on a particular day is cheaper and so the deal makes sense. But why should X # of users buy the same camera for the deal to be cheap? If there are 10 buyers in 40 cities, isn’t it more expensive to ship the stuff? Does the value of the 1-time deal/ marketing effort justify the group buying concept? Sorry… but I am still trying to get my head around it.

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