Attend William & Kate Royal Wedding on Internet live!


Prince William & Kate Middleton’s royal Wedding will probably be one of the most watched wedding’s of all time – Thanks to Internet. Although, it may not be one of the most high profile events, but due to the accessibility of this wedding on the internet, it has ensured that anyone with access to Internet and PC (or phones & other mobile devices) will be able to view it live.

So, where can you see the Royal Wedding Live?

As you would expect, Youtube has a dedicated channel for the British Monarchy – The Royal Channel – where the wedding will not only stream the events live, but it will also feature other recorded video surrounding this high profile wedding. This channel has already over 60,000 subscribers and close to 12 million views to the different videos uploaded.

Royal Channel

The royal wedding also has a website completely dedicated to it – – where every detail of this wedding is published. From service at Westminster Abby to the wedding reception at Buckingham Palace, you are equipped to know every that there is about this wedding.

Closer to home – out own Star TV also plans to broadcast the entire Royal Wedding live and again features many videos surrounding this event.

starttv royal wedding

And thats not all, just go to Google and search for “Royal Wedding Live” and I am sure you will hit upon quite a few websites where you can witness all the events live!

With Internet getting into each and everyone’s home,  probably in a few years time, most of the weddings will start going live on the internet. It really does not take much for you to stream live. There are many online services like, that make it so easy for anyone to conduct a event streaming live.

Imagine a day when your friend will tell you – Sorry brother, I could not make it to the wedding, but I did not miss a thing…watched the entire wedding live on Internet ! 

What say ?

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