Only 17% thriving in India? [Gallup]


Are you happy with the way your life is chugging along? Are you happy with your job? Does your city have the basic facilities like hospitals, malls, schools etc.? Can you get all your jobs done easily in this city? How well do you assess your future here?

These are some of the few questions which were posed as part of Gallup Wellbeing Survey to more than 1000 adults over 15 years of age by telephone or through face to face interviews across 124 countries. The results of this survey make for some interesting reading.

People are characterised as thriving if they rate their current lives as 7 or higher on a 1-10 rating scale and also if their lives after five years is rated 8 or higher. Individuals who rate their lives as 4 or below are suffering while the rest are struggling.

Top Thriving Countries in the World

Top most thriving countries

Overall the numbers show a median of around 21% people thriving across the 121 countries participating in the survey. Majority of the people in 19 countries mostly in Europe and the Americas rated themselves as thriving.

This proves that nations which have a high GDP, a high per–capita income and are much more developed have people who are happy enough and thriving. Denmark (72%), Sweden (69%) and Canada (69%) lead the pack among the thriving countries.

Least Thriving Countries in the World

Least Thriving Countries

But rest of this world is lagging behind miserably. In 67 countries, less than 25% of the people are thriving. And as you can see in the above table, people in the African continent are the least thriving with no country crossing a thriving percentage of 19%. Large tracts of the continent are still undeveloped and the thriving percentage shows this.

As far as India goes – The survey shows that only 17% in India are actually happy. In our neighbouring country Pakistan, 32% are thriving and happy – which really surprises me given the fact that it is a nation torn by terrorism. On the other hand, superpower-in-the-making China has only 12% people thriving.

Thriving by Region

Most of the South East Asian countries fare quite badly on the survey, with majority of them coming in the lower half of the ranking. I was also quite surprising to see Hong Kong has only 21% people thriving, which generally is regarded as a well-off place.

So, do you agree with the findings that India has only 17% population thriving ?

[All tables sourced from Gallup]

  1. Sahil Bj says

    thanx aseem, for sharing this post, really , we can;t negotiate on this fact that only 17% Indians are happy , well i pray for the rest of Indians. now we can’t even compare ourselves with our past times, that is our golden age. coming over to the facts about pakistan, 32% is really a remarkable achievement for them, while comparing it with Indians.

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