Air India gets bitten by Social Media Bug!


Social media bug has finally bitten our beloved (or not so) Air India, the govt. airline career which has been in losses for ages. Now you will see Air India presence on facebook and twitter handling customer support, booking tickets and taking feedback.

Mr Arvind Jadhav, AI’s chairman and managing director has decided to go online when he saw all their rivals (Spicejet, Indigo etc) marking their presence. Great move Mr Jadhav, though a bit late. All this time your customers have been talking about your brand anyways.

With aging airhostesses, bad customer service, delayed flights, mosquitoes and cold food in flight, I hope this is not another move to piss off customers.

Air India

Here are some pointers that Air India needs to keep in mind when it comes to their presence on Social Media:

Test the waters

Do try to test the social media platforms on conversations happening around Air India. Consider inspecting peoples’ perception before you land. This may help you in preparing on certain issues beforehand.

Get ready for Change

Either get convinced for incremental changes with time or a transformational one with an immediate hit on management. This move can be a game changer. Social media can get you real feedback, if implemented properly. It’s a platform with voices that will praise and criticize you. You will have loads of messages to improve once you become open.

Be Open to change

Be flexible. Don’t just receive feedback, implement the same. You will have valuable suggestions that will take you places.

Take Negativity positively

Social media does not create negativity, it uncovers it. And for Air India, one has to be courageous to experience the bad mouth, once open to social media. There will be a lot of uncovering for AI!

Improve the service

This should have been the first point to ponder. Better your service and come at par with competition (at least). If you keep the current service levels and jump to social media, you will only receive brickbats & nothing else!

Don’t expect sales through social media, ab initio

The airline, which is aggressively pursuing an image makeover, is looking to enhance sales by at least 30% through these new forms of media.

“Once brand AI is exposed to a larger audience, it can translate into more sales. Social networking sites have opened up a new distribution platform for the airline.” says Jadhav.

This can be the biggest mistake AI can do which will only make situations worse. Try to have a brand makeover first.

My best wishes to Air India for their future endeavors, however the sole thing they must start with is make a community of brand advocates, though it will be a small community but will eventually grow if they improve sincerely.

What do you think ?

  1. Nari Kannan says

    Air India needs to have good website first! They are typical of Indian Companies that just needs to say that they do facebook, twitter and everything else in sight without doing and sustaining anything properly for any length of time.

    I have been trying to do a simple thing like change my address with their Flying Returns part of their web site for the last couple of months. No luck. It’s just like how we build expensive bathrooms in he airport only to have it stink in a copuple of months!

    Dudes – do the basic thinsg well first!

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