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As I write, I am confused whether this post would benefit all air travelers or will let marketers know about customer satisfaction!

Imagine you enter the airport with your economy class ticket and they tell you that you have been upgraded to the first class. How would you feel?

Well, this is what happened to a friend of mine while he was travelling with Kingfisher Airways, the only 5 star airlines in India. For him, it ended with a happy experience and a will to travel with Kingfisher again. For me it was a little more than that, being a marketer, I wanted to enquire more about the same – as it happened to convert a loyal customer to an advocate of the brand.

Kingfisher Airlines

This was not overbooking of economy tickets, which airlines usually do. Kingfisher has announced the launch of Upgrade Travel Option (UTO), an initiative that offers lucky guests the opportunity to sample the award-winning Kingfisher First experience by paying a nominal fare difference for an upgrade from Kingfisher Class.

Kingfisher needs no introduction and this is the first time that any airline in India is offering such a unique proposition, which is being done by assistance with Optiontown. To avail of this offer, one will need to book his regular Kingfisher Class tickets, as normal. Log on to and enter their PNR, last name and e-mail address and that’s it. Post selecting the flight they would like to be upgraded on, the guest will be required to pay a small sign-up fee and a nominal additional upgrade charge.

If a guest is chosen for an upgrade, following a random selection process, the guest will travel on Kingfisher First and will be notified via e-mail prior to their departure. And now my friend is leaving no stones unturned to let all his friends (personally, on facebook etc) know about his overwhelming experience, without realizing that he is not only conveying how lucky he got with his travel but also promoting the Kingfisher Airlines.

If you are marketer, this is a classic example to learn from. For all others, would you like to try your luck next time you fly? Do let us know if you get lucky!

  1. Dhakkanz says

    This is indeed a marketing gimmick. Many a times, these airlines ask you to upgrade your tickets t Business Class by paying a ‘Nominal’ fare difference, which many a times amounts upto ~50% to much more of the economy class tickets. And again, this is not because of any over-booking of economy class tickets, but because of vacant premium class tickets, which otherwise would fetch them more money.

    [Your friend’s case might be a different case, but otherwise this is what it is!]

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