What star is your car?


Have you ever thought how much is your contribution in the ozone hole? Ever thought how much carbon does your car emit in a day or per kilometre? Think about it.

Government of India took an intelligent initiative of rating passenger cars on a 5 star basis, simply like you have in consumer electronics goods. An air conditioner (AC) with a 4 star rating is more efficient and less power consuming than a 2 star one.

5 stars

Similarly a car will be rated against other passenger cars in the same segment on a 5 star basis showcasing fuel efficiency and carbon emissions. This will help consumers make a better choice out of available options.

Currently an average car emits around 150 to 250 gms of carbon per km, and that’s alarming. Imagine number of cars around you and how much carbon you have contributed to the environment.

The rating system is supposed to launch in 2015 and fully operational by 2020; unfortunately car manufacturers are against the movement. This is a sad state of affairs that the rating system is criticized because this will bring to public the awareness which would prevent them from buying more cars and sales would slip.

CAr star rating

Sorry to say, profit motives overshadow the bigger picture of having a healthy environment. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has proposed that fuel economy of 128 grams/CO2 per kilometer be achieved by 2015.

The industry, however, feels that this is too strict and the limit should be 142 grams/CO2 per kilometer. The government then gave one final proposal of fixing the limit of 135 grams/CO2 per kilometer. However, the industry representatives did not agree to this either. This may be because less carbon emitting cars are more expensive to manufacture, which essentially will affect their bottom lines.

I am surely looking forward for vehicle star ratings – how about you ?

  1. Satyam Gambhir says

    Nice idea Altaf.. Seems a business idea in itself.

  2. Altaf Rahman says

    Nice article.

    Cars are not the only vehicles that are adding CO2. Taking this concept further, all vehicles should be rated.

    Consequently all bicycles, manual rickshaws should be given 7 star ratings. Further meters should be fitted to all bicycles and based on milage, they must be given carbon credits tradable. This will encourage people to make a choice when travelling short distances. e.g. my friends use car even when going to the grocery which is just 5 min by walk. People should have both cars and bicycles and they should use them reasonably.

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