FBML food for online marketers!


Online marketers aren’t coders, usually. However, if they know coding & programming languages – they would get all possible powers to market stuff online.

Although with Facebook, there are plenty of opportunities for you to promote, receive feedback and communicate with customers but with this article I aim to reach out to programmers cum marketers and share the power of FBML or (Facebook Markup Language)!


FBML is Facebook’s HTML version. This allows you to create a “web page” within a tab or box that you can attach to your business page. Sound complicated? It really isn’t, once you dig in and get started. In short FBML is a modified version of HTML with some features discarded and some Facebook-specific attributes added.

One can use standard HTML, standard JavaScript and all the languages that are used to build Web pages. If you think about the barrier to entry that FBML has been for marketers in order to be able to create a branded presence on a landing tab inside Facebook, now you can just iFrame in any Web page, so you could use WordPress! Anything that you’ve done to manage your Web presence to date could now be brought inside Facebook.

It’s such a significant game-changer that I don’t think we have even really thought about its possibilities. But it basically means that the 520-pixel-wide space that we get for custom tabs, we can now think about those as the same types of landing pages that have been making for all of the stuff possible, of course making sure that you think about it in a social way.

You can use Google Analytics, things like that. The thing that I have seen is the time spent on Facebook alone is greater than the amount of time that people spend on Google, YouTube, Yahoo!, Bing, MSN Live and Windows Live combined. So, the reason that people are on there is because it’s a destination site, and if you can’t see your new messages or if you can’t keep your chat window open, or you can’t see any of your new friend requests or notifications, then you’re going to close that page and come right back to Facebook again.

So, if you want people to spend time with your brand. They are really not interested in whatever you sell, but if you communicate with them in the ecosystem of facebook, they might just engage with you for a longer than usual period. They just want to be able to do that inside the context of Facebook so that they can still see the communication. It’s the reason that they’re there.

Just as where I recommend business blending with technology, here comes FBML to assist you interact with your potential customers on facebook. Just to give some credit to a bunch of businesses that have been using the FBML application to create these landing pages already within Facebook. Yes, the iFrame option now makes it possible to do more tracking and just make it a lot easier to throw in an already created landing page, especially for marketers who worry about accountability and analytics all day and night.

Do you see some great examples of FBML /engaging fan-pages that you happen to stumble upon?

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