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Facebook Questions – Golden goose of the advertisers?


-Do you think India will win its match against Pakistan?
-What are your favourite restaurants in Pune?
-Are the latest Wikileaks regarding India true?
When is the next movie releasing in Bollywood?

Such questions are common place on Facebook status updates and messages. But then have you started seeing Yes, No or Can’t Say options (something like a poll) on your Facebook news feed since a few weeks? I am sure many of you must have not bothered too much. But there must be some who must have got irritated at the stream of such questions.

If Facebook wants to know what happened with you throughout the day, Twitter wants to know what happens to you every minute and Foursquare wants to know your location, Facebook Questions now wants to know your views about anything and everything under the sun. From cricket to wikileaks, from entertainment to education, Facebook Questions is trying to crowd-source answers from various people to help solve many people’s queries.

Facebook Questions

As Facebook says, it had seen many people asking questions through status updates or messages. There were times when very few replies were given for particular questions. And there were other times when the concerned person wasn’t too happy with the responses. With Facebook Questions, one can easily expect answers from a wide variety of people across the board therefore helping him / her solve queries easily. The wide variety of people could be beyond that person’s circle of friends.

But then doesn’t this remind you of Quora or Yahoo Answers?

Both these websites (and many more) allow people to ask questions on anything and everything which they want to know about. And then people can rank and vote the answers according to their significance. In Quora the added advantage is that one can follow another person just like a social networking site.

So obviously you would follow those people who are more likely to answer a variety of questions and provide interesting responses or those who ask good questions.

I believe that rather than for you and me, such a facility is like a boon for the online marketers & brands.

This is something like real word of mouth for them. They can get views, reviews and also analyse results and make conclusions on the basis of people’s answers. In this way it could be a money spinner for Facebook as companies would be flocking in to get more information.

And the biggest advantage one can see is that Facebook has more than 500  600 million users which is way beyond what Quora and Yahoo Answers combined can dream of. After Facebook Places which was started for taking on Foursquare, this is Facebook’s initiative for targeting the Q & A section in social networking.

While I personally am the least interested, do you think it could prove to be a boon for Facebook?

  1. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Another Q&A feature! I can’t think of asking anything serious to my FB friends while it makes sense on Linkedin to discuss business, jobs, startups, marketing etc. FB Q&A could probably be for casual questions like “Which is the best thai restaurant in Bangalore?” and FB could have context sensitive ads from Thai restaurants in Bangalore. Q&A has been such a loss making proposition for many websites that only a company with boatloads of cash could do this experiment and see if it can make any money of it.

  2. Prasant Naidu says

    just another thing that it has copied after places and quora is more than poll. yes it is irritating all kinds of polls on my wall as if i am dedicated to some market research agency.

  3. Vivek Khandelwal says

    Brands have always maintained their presence on questions and answer forums – like Yahoo Answers, ibibo Answers wiki answers, mahalo answers – What facebook ads with the Facebook questions is the social layer- Is it a boon for people – heck yes. Is it a boon for people like you and me – Sure yes, Simple and precise way for getting good feedback and suggestions. I doubt the interactions would be as serious as quora but definitely they would be very objective in nature – something that would drive more dollars to facebook.

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