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Reliance offers unlimited Internet on USB stick for Rs. 169…Here is the reason why!

Reliance Communications has always been forefront offering cheap rates, be it bundled phones or voice / internet tariffs. In yet another announcement, Reliance plans to have largest roll-out of affordable wireless internet service in over 24000 towns and 600,000 villages. This affordable wireless internet would be offered on Reliance Net-Connect USB sticks.

What really took me by surprise was – the pricing. Reliance has slashed the rates of the Net Connect USB stick to Rs. 1099/-. Now, most of you may be knowing that same Net Connect USB stick used to cost roughly about 3k to 4k earlier.

Whats more, the affordable plans will come without any usage restrictions (essentially it will offer unlimited Internet) and will cost Rs. 169 per month. With such low costs of both hardware & software, the barrier to entry has reduced to very large extent.

But, there is a catch to it, not one but two – The Unlimited internet will offer a speed of 153 kbps, which according to today’s standard is quite low. You really cant to much except email and light browsing. Additionally, it will not be available in Top 1000 towns & cities in the country. If you are reading this, there are 99% chances that it will not be available in your city / town.

Even then, this is a phenomenal proposition. It will bring wireless internet connectivity to the length and breadth of the India.

reliance netconnect | Reliance offers unlimited Internet on USB stick for Rs. 169...Here is the reason why!

The surprise to me really was the USB stick price of Rs. 1099/-. But if you think a little deeper, it will be clear to you as to why and how Reliance can afford it. First of all, with advent of 3G in the cities, Netconnect USB will be out of favour in the cities and Metros. Secondly, most of the users are swapping these USB sticks for newer 3G services. For Reliance, it is also a great channel to get rid of any stock that may be available with them (this I am guessing).

And then there is another thought – If Reliance could afford selling these at thousand bucks a pop, why did they charge as high as Rs. 5000 just couple of years back? Did Reliance offer because urban users could afford to pay it ?

My guess is as good as yours. What do you think ?

affordable internet Internet access Internet-penetration-in-India REliance communication reliance net connect USB stick
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  1. Im from kunda this scheme will work there. have any fast internet scheme at kunda tower

  2. Is it in Amravati ( Maharashtra)

  3. it is in the punjab?

  4. i want to take immediately pl send me details

  5. please let me know the LM plan on reliance net connector presently i am using 169/- plan for unlimited internet in one month. is there any plan for three month for Rs. 429/-

  6. nice , but y it is not applicable in top 1000 cities? so sad……

  7. Hmm… is it avl in kolkata?

  8. superb….. but just 153kbps only..

  9. nice :)

  10. nice but just 153kbps only….

  11. Nice in like it… I get wat I neeed………

  12. Good clearification. Not like other companies.

  13. Friends I am from mumbai and I am Reliance Netconnect+ user. i have read most of the reviews of the reliance netconnect+….let me share my personal experience with you…Speed and network of this product is; no doubt that company is claiming 144kbps speed but it gives upto 80 to 90 kbps speed….still it is good and useful while travelling in train also… my point is where ever you go if it has reliance network around it get connected at slow speed as they said that they have connectivity in 500+cities… but at least you can brows it which is important. one more thing is its Connection. Best thing about the reliance i must say is before buying new data card from reliance they provides free demo of the USB internet data card to check the speed of product. And within 24 hour the card get connected. Even the data card is automatically got configure with users laptop and PC easily. There is no need to call customer care centre again and again for this issue. If users free data usage gets over on some time then only internet speed go down automatically and its get connected with lower speed HSD or 1X. Plans of Reliance Netconnect+ are many plans regarding postpaid and prepaid which can be suitable to the consumer. Postpaid plans are having much more range like regular plan, unlimited plans, time based plan, night or day plans etc. They are started with 100MB to 21GB at affordable price for Reliance Netconnect+. And free data usage are offered for just 50p/1 Mb or Re1/Mb for reliance Netconnect+ Prepaid plans are started with the 250MB to 15GB available from Rs.180 to 1200/-. And free usages are provided for Re.1/1MB. Plans are available nationwide roaming facility that means zero rupees for the roaming. Postpaid unlimited plan are available jus for Rs.750 onwards. Price:In India the most affordable USB modem is Reliance and it’s offered only for Rs.1599/- which is near to the ground compare to other competitors. Really i must say If we talk about Easy Installation and Speedy Browsing reliance is BEST.

  14. spread it out…

  15. spread it out…

  16. i want to purchase plz give me details is this offer applicable in our city MAHILPUR(HOSHIARPUR)(PUNJAB)…….and what is tha exect downloading speed?

  17. Shubham Agrawal

    a good think but most probably way.

  18. Yogesh Maurya

    Hi, i am from ranchi (Jharkhand), Is this scheme is valid for me

  19. lanke nagarjuna

    i want to purchase plz give me details is this offer applicable in our city visakhapatnam ANDHRA PRADESH

    • I want to purchase plz give me details is this offer applicable in our city HYDERABAD, ANDHRA PRADESH. WHAT IS THE SPEED.

  20. I think they first need to put some towers in Goa. The signal is so weak here. There’s always a ‘catch’ in their offers!


    nice concept to capture the market which is untapped by others. As we know that internet is a costly affairs for any middle class persons…. this sacheme will help the nation the nation to enter in the world of internet. It is slow but doesn’t matter to middle class people…. they just want there normal things or requirement to be fulfill through internet. This will help the students to get a better knowlegde and digging on particular topics… and enhance the interest and walk with the world… nice concet .. and only at Rs.169 m onthly… hhmmmmm thats affordably to this class…. the target market is very defined …. they want general people to enter in the world of internet. A WELCOME STEP by relaince… cheers..

  22. I am From HARYANA , is this scheme is applicable for me ..?

  23. yashpaul singh

    how we will get information that that in our area it is applicable

  24. Every thing in telcom business has got to do every thing with volumes. There is no such thing in telcom business as pricing based on costs. Every thing with every operator is about volumes. i.e. have as many customers as possible to cover overheads. The situation is such that if any one bothers about costs, he has no place in this business sector. It explains why they sold the same stick at 5000 some time back and why they sell it for 1000 now. I was ex-user of Reliance USB Stick when they offered it 2 yrs back. One thing I can tell you is what they offer is more suitable for rural folks. No pun intended. What I mean is the speed. The claim of 153 kbps will never be there. It will be less than that. Also from rural areas the complaints will be less and even if they are there, they can be handled with the talking skills of the marketing staff. (They never rectify the problem but convince you that what ever service you are getting is the best in country) Personally I feel that the telcom business is going through a typical phase. In sectors where sellers capacity is more than buying capacity, first they go agressively by dowing prices. They wait for some seller to buckle and bow out so that there will be merger & aquisition related consolidation and then the sector will stabilize. But the peculiar problem in this particular segment (Indian telcom sector) is that all the telcom operators are financially sound, they can rely on finances from thier other business and no one wants to back down. This creates a situation where the time of this stiffle and squeeze phase is prolonged paining every one. On other hand it gives a pleasant treat to customers As a customer ppl dont wish that this phase is over. Just my two paisa.

  25. Totally agree…………. As in Metro and A& B Class city people don’t want to work on below 256 kbps broadband speed.This is the smart move by Reliance. If am not wrong its similar like mobile @ 500 (Dirubhai ambani mantra), Internet @ 169 unlimited.At least deep rural know what exactly internet is ???

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