Top Innovative Companies List [World & India]


Fast Company recently compiled a list of most innovative companies in the World and it is no surprise that Apple, makers of iPad & iPhone, top the list. World does not anticipate any other product launch as much as it does about Apple. Top most reason for that is – Innovation in Business.

Twitter is named as the second most innovative company in the world – Although, I personally believe that Google and Facebook are more innovative than Twitter, Fast Company has ranked them second on the basis five years of explosive growth that have redefined communication. Facebook comes in at 3rd position – With 600 million plus users base, you cant doubt Facebook’s constant innovation.

World's most innovative companies

Surprisingly, Google does not even figure in Top 5 and comes in at 6th place behind Nissan & Groupon! Here, Take a look at World’s most innovative companies.

Worlds top innovative companies

2011 Rank Name of the Company 2010 Rank
1 Apple 3
2 Twitter 50
3 Facebook 1
4 Nissan
5 Groupon
6 Google 4
7 Dawning Information Industry
8 Netflix 12
9 Zynga
10 Epocrates
11 Trader Joe’s
12 ARM
13 Burberry
14 Kosaka Smelting & Refining
15 Foursquare
17 Turner Sports
18 Huawei 5
19 Intel 14
20 Syncardia
22 Ebay
23 Nike 13
24 Linkedin
25 Wieden + Kenndy
26 Yandex
27 Amazon 2
28 Opening Ceremony
29 IBM 18
30 Amyris
31 Double Negative
32 Kaspersky Labs
33 Pepsico
34 Univision
35 Snohetta
36 Marks & Spencers
37 Microsoft 48
38 Solarcity
40 Voxiva
41 Cisco 17
42 Enerkem
43 Samsung 36
44 Pandora
45 GE 19
46 ChangChun Dacheng Ind. group
47 Azul
48 Stamen Design
49 FX
50 Madecasse


When it came to India Ranking, I was actually surprised that came on top (It is 39th most innovative company in the world). I am not sure what innovative thing Shaadi has done to get that ranking. Here is what FastCompany says about

For proving that marriage, Indian-style, works online as well as off. This year, the world’s largest matrimonial site plans open retail sites for marriage counselors for its 20 million registered users.

Top 10 Innovative Companies in India

Rank Name of the Company
2 Tata Motors
3 HarVa
4 Apollo Telemedicine
5 Graam Vani
6 Invention Labs
7 A Little World
8 Digital Green
9 Fabindia
10 Godrej Group


Honestly, except, FabIndia and Godrej I have not heard name of any other company. It would be interesting to know on what basis this ranking has been done !

It would be interesting to know what you think about this list.

  1. Altaf Rahman says

    Just trying to be funny OK? So dont critisize me.

    May be Shadi site first came up with innovative idea of brokering marriages online. Then they classified people based on their nationality, religion, caste, region, social status so that for ppl surfing it becomes easy.

    Now these are my suggestions for future innovations in this particular line of business. Pls note : It is for pure fun. No hardfeelings.

    1. They diversify business to dating (in addition to fixing marriages)
    2. They come to an understanding with some travel companies and announce that if ppl get married through them, they provide special rates for tirps for honeymoon.
    3. They come to an understanding with some jewellary and cloth shops and claim that if ppl get married through them, they get gift vouchers which can be used in few shops for jewellary or cloths.
    4. They can come to an understanding with few lawyers and claim that if marriages done through them fail, they can approach those lawyers for speedy divorce.
    5. Taking a hint from AIADMK election manifesto, they can offer a 4 gram ‘mangalasutra’ free if ppl get married through them.
    6. If ppl getting married through them bring in more couples to, they get agencies for regions.

    Guys, I ran out of ideas.

    You can suggest more.

    Have fun.

  2. premshankari says

    I feel to a company like in our country requires to be innovative to sustain in the market….to hundle pepole belonging to diversified culture & group…….its like need of the hour…..

  3. Indiran says

    I feel that companies like Shaadi may have some personal relation with the selection committee :)

  4. nazim says

    Sir you haven’t heard about tata motors.

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