Has social media already started affecting your TV viewing? [Media Monday]


Very recently I switched on TV to watch Ireland thrashing England, not because I love watching  any Cricket match, but because I saw my Facebook wall getting printed with Kevin O Brien’s fastest century updates. Here is a snapshot-

Ireland update

Yesterday when everyone was busy watching Ind Vs Ireland match, I switched to another channel and found SA Vs ENG match getting into some sensational ending. This time I posted on my wall-

SA update

Even on twitter keywords #Ireland, #Kevin, Yuvraj Sing kept on trending. I don’t know about real numbers but such stories over social media must have helped these matches getting good viewership and TRPs.

I really believe that in time to come such trends will put Television programs getting mentioned over social media very often!

In US, companies like gomiso.com and getglue.com are trying to tap this “checking-in to TV shows” behaviour of users to give the industry better measurement of social media influence.

As quoted:

A great example is Nederlands 3, a Dutch public broadcaster. Its TV Lab airs and streams the pilots for new shows each fall and asks viewers to vote and share their impressions, which are recorded in real time and displayed online for all to see. The station pick the new shows based on this viewer feedback.

In India we are the first one to understand that this trend is also going to flourish here and that’s why we are enabling social media components in our website. Have a look at this example where I’m telling my Facebook friends about a show/movie via iDubba API


As you can see, what I’m watching on TV can be a topic of discussion among friends and can eventually help Television industry decide how to structure their programming.

But still there are doubts and concerns about this. One of the major issues for broadcasters can be the risk of transparency. Do you think this television activity sharing can be a trend in future in India?

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