Weekly wrap-up: Budget, Tata Motors, Tax, Buzziest Brands, Notion Ink, iPad 2 launch, Piracy & more…


Its Monday and time for our weekly wrap-up.. Here are some of the buzzing stories of last week.

Last week started with a bang, with Union Budget 2011 being announced and generally it was quite well received by everyone. Even stock market gave a big thumbs up! The expectations from aa aadmi have been well met by this budget!

So, if you need to have a quick rundown on key announcements in this Budget, take a look here. If you want to know what got expensive and what has become cheaper, check this article out! And if you want to know how the budget has affected your taxes, check out this new Income tax calculations

I am sure you have seen and heard how some TV News channels take viewers on a ride by showing false or sensationalist news items. Now, the News Broadcasters’ Association (NBA) are defining a code of ethics and broadcasting standards for news; to discourage such practices!

Afaqs has come out with a recent report which talks about the buzziest Brands in India for 2011.

Indian is known to be one of the largest producers of Milk – however, given the circumstances it may happen that India may need to import Milk from other countries in next 10 years!

Rohit Shravan, the CEO of Notion Ink Adam says – India does not understand the concept of Tablets ! What can we say…

You want to know which are the world’s top Piracy Markets ? India has quite a few in it!

Last week, there are another big news – The launch of iPad 2, the successor of hugely popular iPad!

Blackberry seems to be still into problem – Infact, it looks like a dead-end for them in India. In another related news, blackberry messenger app will soon be launched on Android and iOS platforms

Slowly, but steadily the concept of Charge Cards becoming popular in India – It is like using credit without impacting your score!

Wine Industry is growing in India – Although, Wine Industry is facing some serious issues, the drink is getting quite popular!

It seems Tata will not launch Tata Nano in Europe, but is aiming to give Europeans the Fancy Tata Pixel!

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