Weekly Wrap-up: Cheapest Smartphone, 3G services, Google Voice, shockvertising, Railways Budget & More..


Its a big day today – Its the budget day and we will be doing some extensive coverage of it on trak.in. However, lets start off our Monday by looking at some of the buzziest posts of last week.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap-up: Cheapest Smartphone, 3G services, Google Voice, shockvertising

India has millions of poor people who cannot afford to have food 2 times a day. Is cloning seeds solution to India’s food problems ?

In US, online movie rental companies like Netflix have been around for a while and have been pretty successful. That is not the case in India – Infact, online movie rentals seem to have have fallen flat on its face even before taking off !

Nokia is sliding downwards, its market share is falling. To stop the erosion of its market share in India, it has already planned number of low-end high feature phones. Nokia X2-01 is probably the cheapest smartphone from its stable.

It is tax season and if you want to know various avenues that could save you tax, you must read this article – Top 10 Tax-saving Instruments for Investors!

Here are some of the interesting statistics on Indian Aviation Industry.

We carried out a poll last week, which is going to be open for a month. Go ahead and vote for the best 3G services provider in India.

Now this is an interesting one – A law to prevent wastage of food at weddings & social gatherings!

Ok, this is tested and confirmed – Google Voice works in India.

Pre-paid is a dominant in India and you want to know just how much ? According to a latest survey 97% Indian youth use prepaid Mobile services.

If you are an individual or a small business, you must try this out – Google Cloud connect for Microsoft Office !

Last week Railway Budget was announced by Mamata Banerjee and it came out on expected lines – Railway Budget 2011: Main News & Highlights.

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