Economic Times emerges as largest financial Website in India [Comscore report]


As per the latest report for Jan-11  published by ComScore, has emerged as the leading financial and business news site with 3.6 million unique visitors.

Economic Times

Recently it has introduced a much more accurate method which is called unified approach – a combination of  panel and tag data. In the first month of being unified has been adjudged as the leading website in terms of unique visitors.

Top Financial & Business portals in India

  1. (3.6 million)
  2. (3.5 million),
  3. Yahoo India Finance (1.7 million),
  4. (0.7 million),
  5. (0.6 million) 
  6. (0.2million) 

It is interesting to see this numbers from comscore, as Moneycontrol has always been considered at the top finance & business website. However, the comscore report shows that ET is marginally ahead of Money Control.

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  1. Anand says

    I think you have got the domain names of a couple of mentioned sites wrong. The business portal of Sify is Also, it’s

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