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Has the Cricket World Cup fever gripped you ? I am sure for majority of you that is the case…but there were quite a few buzzing stories that happened apart from cricket…Lets take a look


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3G is well and truly here – infact, thousands of people have already started using it. DTH is growing at a very fast clip past few years. And if you combine 3G with DTH, think about the possibilities!

I sometimes imagine, seriously how low can our mobile tariff’s get ? Do you think Zero paise per second is possible? Although, it is just a teaser rate, this may not be impossible in foreseeable future!

What do you think will be the load factor at which Air India will be flying at ? It is at paltry 22% !!

Have you heard about Quora? if you have…have you used it? It is touted to be the next big kid on the block…your next information destination!

Ok, Marijuana has some great medicinal values, our sages knew it hundreds of years back..but it seems, western world has just woken up to that fact.

Even though broadband adoption has been pathetic in India, Mobile internet has witnessed serious growth, especially with 3G coming in.

This is one battle that has been talked about with advance in Technology – Machine Vs Humans. Atleast, one battle is surely won by machines !

The news has been making rounds about Google taking over Twitter – but those are just rumours… Twitter is “Not For Sale” !

Apple has grown tremendously over past couple of years, especially with launch of most coveted gadgets like iPhones and iPads to become the most valuable technology company in the world !

We need this in education sector and all boards need to implement it. Extra Marks for All round development of students, instead of just bookish studies !

Is the Telecom Party in India over ?

Yes, and we have not forgotten Cricket fans. Here is something that will vet your appetite ! Top 10 facts about ICC Cricket World Cup !

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Last week we did not have any posts on TGF due some personal reasons that needed to be taken care of. We should start back with regular updates shortly.

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