Nokia : A struggle ahead…


Desperate times?

Nokia is struggling and the figures are proof of that. With a decline in market share from 36% in Q3 in 2009 to 28% a year later, it may not be in free fall but things are looking bleak. Last year it spent around US $ 3.9 bn in R & D for both software and hardware. Now this is much more than the industry average of about US $1.9 bn. Despite the fact that Nokia is still the leader in the smartphone and the overall mobile phone market, its spend on R & D shows its desperation to get back to where it previously was.


Its Symbian platform has been replaced at the top by Google’s Android which has affected its incomes by more than 21%. Interestingly Nokia seems to have a secret pact with Intel which has seen work on a new mobile platform called the “Meego”. While many others are talking about Nokia using the Windows Phone 7 technology which would give Microsoft a manufacturer to launch their technology and also put them away from the regular competition of Samsung, Motorola etc.

Do the preferences for smartphones change across countries?

Nokia recently conducted a survey among 5200 people on smartphone user preferences in more than 10 countries including India and China. More than 58% Indian users say that apps benefit their lives. This shows the increasing importance people are giving to their handsets.

Apps seem to have become a very key aspect of our lives as they reflect our needs and desires. The majority of 18-24 yr olds download social networking apps. More than 48% rely on apps throughout the day in some way or the other. Social networking and music are the most downloaded apps with more than 40% users.

Another interesting feature of the study was the fact that country wide use of the apps depends upon the culture and interests of the people. If more than 42% Brazilians download music related apps, Germans found apps like alarm clocks most appealing (29%). On the other hand Indians prefer business apps the most.

As they say, the phone has transformed from just another utility device of convenience to one of necessity. From using apps for social networking and music to playing games to email and messaging to finally calling, the usage of the phone has come a full circle.

What do you use apps for?

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