Pay your bills using cell phone, Airtel makes it really simple!


Ever wondered what to do, when you don’t have cash in wallet or can’t access internet to pay via Credit Card? Well Airtel in a brave attempt is trying to make this as simple as it can be- Pay via your Mobile phone.

In the simplest structure possible here is how it will work

1. Services are started are in Gurgaon, Faridabad and selected part of Delhi. They have partnered with several merchants like BookMyshow, Carnation, Costa Coffee and also with local chemists and grocery shops.

2. Every merchant registers a phone number and other account details with Airtel to get paid.

3. For a consumer, s/he just needs to fill up the form and give photo ID and address proof and submit it at any nearby Airtel relationship store to get registered with Airtel Money service.

4. Users can access this application from their SIM, and need to punch a 4 digit PIN number to activate the account. After that they need to pay desired amount to Airtel store so as to fill the mobile with money.

5. To pay, users just need to go to the SIM application and select “Pay Shop” from the options, then they need to fill the mobile number of merchant, the amount and then PIN to transfer the money. After that both the user and merchant gets a confirmation message.

That’s it, as simple as it can get, Airtel said they will soon launch the service across other cities and will cover around 3000 merchants.

What do you think of this new offering? Can it really become a Game-Changer?

  1. Altaf Rahman says

    Nice one @ Rabi,

    While reading this, I remembered an article by Arun. He visited Japan some time back and there everything is paid by mobile. Just swipe your mobile over the instrument in the shop. He even uploaded some vidoes where he himself paid using mobile money. I never thought India will catch up with Japan so fast. Great news.

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