‘No TV Day’ – Will you blackout your idiot-box on Jan 29?


Undoubtedly, television is one of the greatest inventions of all time; which has given breakthrough to a whole lot of media industry revolving around the small screen – be it news broadcast, entertainment or religious channels.

Well, that’s about the good part of it. But, have you ever spared a thought – for how much average number of hours, on a daily basis, does a TV remains on in your house? In fact, I am sure many of us might own as many TV sets as the number of bedrooms in our houses.

No, wait before you jump to any conclusion. I am not suggesting you to scrap your television sets; nor am I denying you an opportunity to watch your favorite reality show or a saas-bahu saga. But, I just wanted to remind you that don’t allow this rapidly flickering idiot-box to captivate and transfix you.


You can access TV for periodic entertainment and remaining updated with the latest happenings around the globe; but don’t let it use you as their regular cookie. That’s what a unique campaign, initiated by Mumbai’s daily newspaper Hindustan Times, called “No TV Day” on January 29, seems to convey to the time-crunched Mumbaikars.

Under this campaign to invite people outdoors, HT has organized a carnival which includes two-hour laser-show, fireworks, magic shows performed by renowned dance groups and various other fun and frolics to dazzle the city.

For students, they have organized painting competition with the theme of ‘A day out with your family in Mumbai.’ For others, open air buses will guide you through the tours around South Mumbai from Gateway of India to CST railway station.

Seemingly, there is little to be gained from switching off television sets. In fact, in doing so you might miss an hour of a serial soap opera with a high melodrama and captivating swirl of images. But, how many of us realize that we just do not stop watching TV once our favorite program is done for the day?

NoTV Day

We just surf on to another channel to check what’s on air next. We are immobilized by television’s power and find ourselves glued to the idiot box – almost proving one on our self. That’s the message a noteworthy campaign such as ‘No TV Day’ seems to send across the Mumbaikars.

It emphasizes how people have very less time to spare with their family and friends after almost whole day in office – be it in the form of outing, playing with your kids, chatting with your loved ones including parents, going for an after-dinner stroll or even socializing (not through twitter, but in personal) with your friends.

Moreover, it’s a same sorry tale even on Sundays and public holidays. So, where is the time to explore exquisite locations of Mumbai? When will you make an outing or go for a long drive to check the never-ending geography of Mumbai – which is, in fact, only a small dot on the huge map of India?

So, will you give your favorite time-pass reality show a miss for tomorrow?

  1. Altaf Rahman says

    I feel even the TV Channels should participate volunterily by not telecasting stupid realty shows, soap operas. They should grant freedom to addicted people for atleast a day.

    Just my two paisa :)

    1. rabi gupta says

      arey Altaf, your “Two Paisa” would cost them at least 2 million dollar a day if not more :D … If they were been so responsible you wouldn’t ‘ve been seeing such stupid shows at first place!!

  2. Amit says

    What? Does that mean mums and aunties won’t get to watch those non-sense and repetitive, kill-me-if-i-watch-it serials on the day?

    1. Viral says


      It’s not a mandatory blackout. It’s just a voluntary initiative.

      1. Amit says

        Shame. It should have really been a mandatory blackout. I won’t mind if it goes on for a month or year to be honest.

  3. rabi gupta says

    that’s some nice news.. I guess I have to promote iDubba more on 29th to make people realize how important television is in their lives :D :D

    1. Viral says


      Certainly, it makes all the more sense for you to promote this day, with both the pros and cons, within the niche of television industry. Who better than you? :)

  4. Pradeep says

    It also saves some energy

  5. Aseem Rastogi says

    Even HT is getting some nice publicity too ;)..On a serious note this is a nice campaign..I am wondering when such a campaign would be done for the world of online media / social media be it Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk etc because that’s what the craze is all about these days at least among the youngsters, isn’t it?

    1. Viral says


      Agreed! It’s a type of promotion in socially accepted manner. It instills a form of awareness among the citizens and a bit of self-promotion for the company as well. But, nothing wrong in that if a message is delivered :)

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