Telecom sees bumper subscriber Additions–Adds 22.88 Million Mobile subscribers


Note: These telecom stats are as of November 30th 2010 as TRAI generally releases the numbers quite late.

The mobile subscriber additions seem to have gained pace -  Generally, Wireless subscriber additions in a month are in the region of 15 to 17 million, but Nov 2010 saw close to 23 Million Mobile subscriber additions!

According to the numbers released by TRAI yesterday, as of Nov 30th 2010, India has hit total Telecom subscriber base of 764.76 Million as compared to 742.12 million in October 2010. which pegs the growth rate at 3.05 percent. The overall Teledensity in India now reaches 64.34 percent.

With these kind of subscriber additions, it is possible that India may surpass 800 Million subscribers by Jan 2011 itself.

Telecom Subscriber Addition Highlights

  • Total Telephone subscriber base reaches 764.76 Million 
    • Wireless subscription reaches 729.57 Million
    • Wireline subscription declines to 35.19 Million
  • 22.88 Million new additions in wireless
  • Overall Tele+density reaches 64.34
  • Broadband subscription is 10.71 Million

Wireless Subscriber Additions

Wireless witnessed a bumper month with addition of 22.88 Million subscribers taking the total to 729.57 Million Mobile users and Teledensity to 61.38 percent

Wireline Subscriber Additions

As has been the trend, wireline subscribers declined from 35.43 Million in October-2010 to 35.19 Million at the end of November-2010.

Broadband Subscriber Additions

Total Broadband subscriber base has increased from 10.52 million in October-2010 to 10.71 million in November-2010, there by showing a growth of 1.80%.

Operator wise Subscriber Additions

Mobile Operator subscriber addition

Vodafone attracted maximum subscribers in November by garnering 13.66 percent of all subscriber additions followed by Bharti (13.55%) and Reliance.  (13.16%). The competition is seriously heating up now – You can see that 5 operators have all added between 13 to 14 percent. Not much differentiating the operators now.

Overall Operator Market Share

MObile Operator Market Share

Bharti remains the clear leader when it comes to overall Network Operator Market share with 20.48 percent. However, there is nothing much between 2nd placed Reliance (16.77%) and 3rd placed Vodafone (16.61%). The latter has managed to close the gap significantly over past 6 months !

Here is a question – Can anyone tell me the month when India will reach 1 Billion Subscribers ? My Guess is March 2012 – Lets see how close I am :)

  1. Amit says

    same old same old. lots of people buying multiple simcards, ditching old numbers for numerous reasons. etc etc.
    does it really mean every child and adult in India are subscriber? No.
    Stats are misleading

  2. Bashant JAin says

    Hi Arun,

    According to me India will crossed 1 billion subscriber by the end of this year because of increase in the handsets supporting multiple simcards

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