5 Facebook Games You Should Totally Check Out!


Ok, its weekend and what better time to post this one – If you are bored and want to have some fun read on…

I spent a lot of time deliberating between the above title and this one -“What To Do On Facebook When You Are Bored” – but the latter sounded a bit cocky, hence I decided to stick with the former. After playing dozens of Facebook games, I have compiled a list of those which are really worth your time. (If you are looking for the more famous games like Farmville, Café World, etc, you’ll be disappointed).

Top 5 Facebook Games you must check out !

5 ) Mafia Wars

Well, if you are a guy and you secretly fantasize about lording over a faction of vicious and ruthless mobsters in downtown Manhattan AND if The Godfather figures in your list of Top Five Favourite Movies, then this game is custom-made for you. Winner of the 2009 Webby Award, this hugely popular Zynga game gives you a glimpse of the real New York’s crime scene, dominated by shady Italian-American Mafia families.

Mafia Wars

In this game, you start by being a lowly Street Thug, but you can quickly climb up the criminal ladder by doing an assortment of jobs like extortions, bank heists, auto thefts, and illegal gambling and smuggling operations, to reach the upper echelons of the underworld. En route, you can fight rival gangs infringing on your territory, increase the size of your criminal empire (by recruiting other friends from Facebook), and travel to other Mafia hubs (namely Cuba, Italy and Moscow) to expand your business.

But, on the downside, it is wholly a text-based game; hence it is not nearly as convincing as the other games – but hey, where else do you get to be a crime lord? So get your coat and dive headfirst into the shady world of crime in New York City.

4) Mercenaries of War

Rated a whopping 4.9 out of 5 in Facebook, this game takes you to straight to “Dark City”, New Georgia where, after a “retina scan”, you are ordered by your commander (a mean looking guy with an eye-patch) to rescue a certain Jessica Anderson, the daughter of some bigwig, who has been kidnapped by other mercenaries.

Mercenaries of War Facebook

So the point of the game is to wage a war against those mercenaries and rescue the girl. Pretty ordinary plot, I agree, but this game boasts of some great graphics – for instance, you shed loads of blood and slowly drop down to your knees when hit by rival mercenaries.

As you progress, you have to equip yourself with armors (various grades of Kevlar vests), assault weapons, gears and equipments (LED helmets, flashlights, duffel bags, C-4 Explosives and more) and you also get to hire mercenaries to officially “kick some ass”! Great game if you are into military-style combats.

3) Battle Stations (BS)

Set in the alternate world of Sios, this MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) lets you pilot your own vessel – a flying ship. Here, the continents are airborne (hence the need for flying ships) and are ruled by five kingdoms, chiefly, the Alexen Imperium, Al-Amraan Caliphate, Jade Archipelago, Corxas Cartel and the Floating City of Aeros – each possessing its own port where you can dock to buy stuff , check out the local scenery, etc.

Battlestations Facebook

There are four major character classes to choose from – Pirates, Scouts, Soldiers and Mechanics. As for the gaming part, you can explore Sios, venture into mining, or simply attack other people’s ships for fun (and experience). Combats are animated, but otherwise it is mostly a text-based game. As you level up, you can buy ship parts (hulls, stabilizers, sails, engines) and advanced weaponry, upgrade your ship, buy bigger and better ships, auction items, etc.

As with most multiplayer games, BS too allows you to join clans and swear allegiances. Clan Wars are pretty exciting (but you can join a clan only if you are level 25 or above). In other words, this is a highly addictive game.

2) Infinite Realms (IR)

I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard of this game before, no worries: before writing this article, I hadn’t either. The sole reason why this game makes it to the number two slot is that I haven’t encountered any other game with such great graphics on Facebook before.

INfinite Realms Facebook

This sci-fi MMORTS (Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy) browser game, has the human race and the other aliens races of Psodrinar, S’uhrden (the most powerful race), Mhad’ul (possess psionic powers) and Xuleth (technically most advanced) competing for dominion in the Archeon Galaxy.

A new player starts from planet Belatucadros, where his Outpost is located. The Outposts contain Ration depots, Barracks, Refineries and Armories – which one has to upgrade at regular intervals, or risk getting defeated when attacked by other players. However, if you do get defeated and lose all your soldiers in the process, you can always ask your Mothership (located in outer space) to send you Relief Forces (but this feature is disabled once you lose Newbie Protection).

You can increase your level by taking down as many enemy camps as you possibly can. To do that, you’ll first have to equip your Hero (your entire army is commanded by him) with heavy armory like Tanks and infantry units (Shock Troopers, Wraiths, Titans), then search for enemy camps on the planet surface to attack. In my opinion, this is one game that all sci-fi aficionados will definitely look forward to playing.

1) NightClub City (NCC)

There is a reason why this game has been voted as the Number One Game by Inside Social Games, and that reason is – this is THE coolest game ever! This game stands out from the usual plethora of city/town/empire building games like CityVille, Social City, City of wonder, My Empire, to name a few.

NIghtclub City

As the name suggests, you are the owner of a nightclub at DJ alley, the most happening place in town, where lavish parties are thrown, celebrities are hired to draw in crowds, where drinks flow throughout the night and people dance till they drop, sounds cool, eh? There is more. The DJ (which is you) has to keep the crowd on the dance floor happy by dropping bass and by dedicating songs.

You also have to constantly monitor your night-club, which involves refilling the liquor stock, changing the dance music (it has real world music) and getting your bouncer to throw the jerks and the troublemakers out – this keeps you on your toes, trust me. For each nightclub, one has to achieve five-star status, which can be done by throwing more parties. So, forget farming, go partying!

Think there are other games I missed or should have included? Do tell me.

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    Other than poker, face book games suck the big one. click click click what fun

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