TukTuk Meter – Solution to auto fare frauds?


With its ever burgeoning population, India has had to rely on various modes of transport for long. Despite the coming of metro and buses in various cities, auto – rickshaws have for long one of the most important means of transport. So much so that certain movies like “Aapka Suroor” by Himesh Reshammiya had a scene where various autos were taken outside the country and he regarded as a tribute for this industry.

But then unlike other means of a transport, auto rickshaws have one big problem. Though most cities have a fixed fare and rules for variable fare after that, people are highly prone to getting cheated. And for a newbie to a city, travelling by auto becomes a big nightmare for this very reason.

But if Mind Helix Technologies from Kerala is to be believed, this nightmare could now be a thing of the past. They have designed India’s first auto fare calculator – The TukTuk Meter. The application runs on Android, Symbian and Blackberry operating platforms. It can be started once a person enters the auto and it runs alongside the meter of the auto to calculate the fare and the distance. The calculation is done based on the fact that the entire application has been developed on the GPS system. It is freely available on the internet.

TukTuk Meter

TukTuk Meter sounds like a really good app and also something that will help lot of users, but I am not sure in practical life it will actually make any difference to the commuters.

One thing is for sure, this is going to remain on user’s mobile and will never be used by an auto driver to charge. From the looks of it, what I feel is even the rates per k.m have to inputted. I would have loved to see if app developers had created a database of auto-fares, and app should intelligently recognize based on GPS co-ordinates and then show the rates.

According to me, it a fun app, just to find out how much TukTuk Meter app shows and what is actually charged by the TukTuk driver !

  1. Swapneel Shah says

    Nice App. But for all those who don’t have a GPS enabled mobile (which is the case with me, and most others), http://www.taxiautofare.com is the solution!!!

    It draws a Google Map with the route plotted on it. Estimated fares of Auto, Taxi as well as private Cab operators.

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