Who will lead the popularity index during IPL-4? [Media Monday]


Last season of IPL was quite a blast! It gained hell lot of media coverage and was in news for number of reasons.

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Last year we also published a report titled “Who Watches IPL- A Comprehensive report!”. This was based on a iDubba’s “Crazy Alerts contest for IPL” which saw more than 10,000 alerts being set for different players and teams.

I saw this year’s auctions and thought that it would be interesting to check last year’s popularity and predict what would happen this year at IPL-4. So here are my thoughts-

  • Mumbai Indians was the most popular team last year followed by Deccan Chargers, Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils. Rajasthan Royals was least favourite among users. [Report]
  • Looking at the player which are retained by Mumbai Indians- Sachin, Harbhajan, Pollard and Malinga and new one bought like Rohit Sharma, Symonds and Franklin they look extremely strong both in terms of player popularity and potential and should be in top this year too. Chennai Super Kings might take up second spot in popularity owing to the fact they have retained Dhoni and Raina. Kochi or KKR might take up 3rd spot.
  • Last year 19 players from Mumbai had SMS alerts set against them, as compared to 9 players of Deccan Chargers, and 3 each from King’s XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals.
  • This year also Mumbai looks strong with their current squad. KKR, Chennai Super Kings, Deccan Chargers have players which will remain popular. Among New teams Sahara Pune Warriors (SPW) looks good with 5-6 star players including Yuvraj, Uthappa and Graeme Smith.
  • Looking at most popular players- Sachin was off course the player who got maximum alerts set against his name. Gilchrist followed him, then Yousuf Pathan, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni and Andrew Symonds. Some interesting aspects were- Dwayne Bravo was more popular than Rahul Dravid, there were 9 Indian players in top 16 and 7 foreign players.
  • Sachin will definitely be at top this year too. Yousuf, Yuvraj, Dhoni will be among top ten, but new entrants in top ten may be Kevin Peterson, Gautam Gambhir, Michael Hussy and Rohit Sharma.

So we’ll back this year too with our crazy alerts during IPL, what do you think about popularity of teams and players this year? Give your point of view too.

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