Indian app developers making hay while sun is shining!


Smartphones are growing in numbers across the world as well as in India too. As pointed out in one of my earlier blog posts, 10 million phones out of the 155 million sold last year were smartphones which in itself was a huge increase from the previous year. The numbers are expected to further increase with the launch of Dell Streak, Samsung tablet, Playbook, Notion Ink Adam and host of other tablets. But what decides the success of a smartphone? It basically the applications it has on the device!

Indian App Market

And this is where Indian developers seem to be giving a good fight to global players and making a lot of money. Last year users paid more than US$ 7 billion for mobile applications like games, social networking, entertainment programs, news, stock alerts etc.

And this was despite the fact that around 80% were free downloads. The apps priced at US$ 1-2 generate a revenue within a few months while the revenue from the free ones comes from advertisements in about 6 months time. Apps can be developed and marketed across the globe in just a month and that’s what gives them the edge.

In India the market of apps is growing because of online apps stores of Apple, Android, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and even on Facebook. The biggest advantage of this is the fact that they can directly sell their products to the consumers and even though 30% goes to the platform, the rest goes to the developers which is a big jump from the earlier times.

There are numerous start-ups coming up in this space. Sourcebits with more than 70 apps for iPhone, RapidSoft among the top 10 app developers for Blackberry, IGameStudio with apps for restaurants, hotels, shopping etc, Synqua Games, Smackall Games and Robosoft for famous games like ChessPro, IPL T20 cricket, Wordsworth, iCopter etc are some of the big names in this space.

App developers are moving beyond only creating apps for just games, music etc. Bangalore and Pune police are using apps created by start-ups for catching errant drivers as well as criminals and maintaining their records efficiently.

With increase in mobile phone users as well as smartphones, this industry is set to grow much further. The number of people accessing the Internet on phone will also increase with time leading to a greater demand for web applications.

Gartner has predicted the revenue from the app industry to rise to whopping US$ 29 billion by 2013.

Looks like only the tip of the iceberg has been seen for the Indian app industry!

  1. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Hi Aseem,

    Though there is opportunity to be tapped in the app design and development space, I find that many Indian companies are not up to the mark, especially in the area of web or app design.

    Thanks for the list of developers (would have been better to provide their links) – I wasn’t of the companies you mentioned except for Sourcebits. As a startup I had 2 problems while finding iphone designers and developers.

    1. Good quality firms like the ones you have listed are pricey – they work on project that cost at least $10-25K to design and develop.

    2. Cheaper providers are individuals or 2-3 people teams who don’t give you any quality to compete in a global area.

    There is a huge gap and I don’t know how that can be filled. Could it be thru creating a company that provides quality solutions at cheaper costs, or creating a design coaching classes or doing it oneself? Some thoughts from entrepreneurs and service purchasers will be insightful.

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