Move over outsourcing! Indians are creating jobs for Americans!!


America has for long been critical of Indians taking up jobs meant to be theirs. So much so that Obama has always criticised companies who first offer jobs to Indians and then their own citizens. He has introduced measures like higher taxes for companies who have branches in India and also brought down incentives for such organizations. All this while he has harped on the fact that American youngsters should work together to overcome their Indian and Chinese counterparts. But protests against this came to fore when the anti–outsourcing bill sent by Obama was not passed in the House.

Obama Outsourcing Jobs

It has been proved that outsourcing jobs to India hasn’t caused problems for Americans but instead the culprit may be their numerous free trade agreements which have created problems. As is their wont, the Americans have the habit of blaming anyone and everyone for their problems.

According to some interesting statistics, India has created more than 60,000 jobs with an investment of US $26.5 billion in the US over the past 5 years. This involves investments of US $21 billion by 239 Indian companies and 127 greenfield investments worth US $5.5 billion. The top three states for investments include Ohio, California and Texas. Investments have taken place in sectors like IT / ITes, biotech, chemicals, automotive, telecom etc. Indian organizations are increasingly opening up units in the US and also providing large scale employment opportunities in USA giving rise to a strong reverse outsourcing trend.

India has emerged as one of the largest FDI players in the US after the United Arab Emirates. Even after recession when economies were trying to save their money, India was going all out to increase its FDI in countries. If not the main, it was one of the main friends to the US in helping it come out of its recession. The largesse shown by the Indian corporate and the financial support given has never been acknowledged as Indians have never gone for publicity for their actions.

The recent US $10 billion export deals worth for the US employers like Boeing signed by Obama with many Indian leaders is expected to create more than 50,000 jobs in Seattle.

A developing country is calling the shots for the world’s super power. And after this all they do is blast India with their rhetoric on all there is to outsourcing. Only their jealousy can’t make them acknowledge India’s largesse to the world, can it?

Your views on this?

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    Attractive post. I agree with your post and also the growth in this sector will get a further impetus as Indian BPO companies have robust security practices and emphasis is laid in developing trust with clients on this score.

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    really nice post. m agree with your view. India is hub for outsourcing.

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