Bollywood Vs Indian Ad industry- which is more lucrative? [Media Monday]


While going through today’s Hindustan Time’s Delhi edition I found that Raj Kumar Hirani is creating a separate advertising division under his banner Canvas films. Hirani who has previously worked on Boroplus’s ad with Kareena Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan has decided to take this move may be because (either or both) of these two reasons-:

  1. He wants to challenge himself to creative limits,
  2. He finds the industry more lucrative business-wise.


Whatever the reason be, it actually opens up a very interesting question-

Would lack of good, creative Bollywood talent will force the so called “super-imaginative”, “original” and “talented” people to look beyond Bollywood?

A comparison here can be quite intriguing, if we quote it with some examples.

  1. Bollywood is in continuous losses and this is year has been worse with only 1-2 mega hits (specifically only one- Dabangg). If you look at the reports it actually lost Rs 300 Crores this year. On the other hand Indian Ad Industry is growing by the day and is expected to touch Rs 200 Crore by 2013. No movies were experimental hits even if they were from Ashutosh’s (Khelein Hum Jee Jaan se) or Bhanshali’s (Guzaarish) stable. So money wise, ad industry is doing much better making 60-second films as against Bollywood’s 3 hour creations.
  2. Creativity is losing fast in Bollywood, blame it on Multiplexes which help idiotic repeats like “Golmaal-3” to earn money and then encourages such Film makers to make more of such idiotic movies. People don’t show respect to imaginative creations like Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se, which puts Directors like Ashutosh on back-foot as against Rohit Shetty (no offense meant to anybody).

    This will discourage more talented directors to try new things as producers will stop putting in money to original concepts. On the other hand Ad-Industry is only for talented people, there is no scope for mediocrity or plagiarism. This gives advertising agencies a clear advantage to suck talent from industry.

  3. Bollywood is a product Industry as against Ad Industry which is a service based Industry. Indians are known to do better in providing service rather than creating products (common it’s in our genes :) ). It’s not that we don’t have talent, it’s just the fact that we perform well under client’s pressure! No matter what Ad Industry will always do well as against Bollywood.
  4. Indian Music was basically about Bollywood since 1920s to early 2000s, but have you seen the rapid fall in popularity of Bollywood music, recently? Again blame it on plagiarism and talent- Talented Music Directors are asked to create music which will sell in first two days of movie release, doesn’t matter whether people remember it afterwards or not!

    I can understand why A.R. Rahman has shifted his focus to west- he can at least remain creative by composing background scores rather than creating scores for non-sense movies and non-sense producers. Bollywood industry killed original Indian Pop industry and if people like Rahman don’t find a new market they will also be crushed under mediocrity!

Food for thought?

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