Rise of Xbox 360 and what future might hold!


Possible one of Microsoft’s greatest claim to fame apart from the hugely successful Windows OS / MS Office is the Xbox gaming console. This dream machine that has taken the world by storm since its initial sales in the month of November in 2007, celebrated its supreme reign of 5 years this week. Though it might not be completely supreme with Sony’s big-daddy PlayStation very much in competition, it still manages to hold its own evolving into the immensely popular Xbox 360 and the newer Xbox 360 S.


Having had its own share of praise and also a lot of criticism, the Xbox 360 has survived over the years unlike other relatively new Microsoft products like the supposed “iPod killer” by Microsoft called Zune. The Zune failed to make much of an impression but the Xbox 360 is a killer product. With innumerable popular games available to be played on the platform of Xbox 360, games worldwide make the most of this mean machine. If there has to be one killer feature of the Xbox 360 that is to be branded as the best then it has to be the Xbox Live feature where you get to compete with anyone in the world who has a Xbox 360. This takes gaming t a whole new level.

What is commendable is that Microsoft has stepped forward and offered a 3 year warranty on the Xbox 360 that is costing them more than a billion dollars.

There had been multiple gamer complaints of machine failure due to overheating, but Microsoft has made sure gamers can sit back and relax with the promise of a 3 year console replacement warranty. Market experts have reported that hundreds of thousands of Xbox 360 are sold everyday all over the planet and the number are forever on the rise.

Xbox 360 Kinect

With the very recent launch of the Kinect add-on to the existing Xbox 360 you can make gaming a more personal experience. Kinect is a webcam like add-on which reacts to the gestures, actions and the speech commands of the gamer. You do not need a controller at all to get on with the game. Gamers all over the world have been cheering since the launch of the Kinect as Xbox finally managed to slay the popular Wii, which makes use of movements as with the Kinect you do not need a controller unlike the Wii.

Xbox 360 Kinect

With ever developing technology news about a new Xbox are expected. And word is getting around that Microsoft has already started working on the successor to the Xbox 360 and it is tentatively titled as the Xbox 720 or at least it is rumoured to be. Microsoft has not confirmed a date but it is expected to roll out by 2011-2012 to compete with their arch-rival Sony’s PS4.

With the gaming console war at its peak and new innovative approaches being unleashed, this is surely a space to watch out for in the future!

However, though globally it may be a phenomenon, in India these gaming consoles are still in the drawing rooms of the rich due to relatively exorbitant costs. If the prices come down, India has potential to be one of the largest market for gaming consoles… What do you think?

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