– Micromax launches viral contest to create A60 Buzz!


Do you want to lay your hands on your first Android phone and don’t want to pay for it? Or you are a Apple fan boy and want to see what’s the fuss about Android is anyway? Well this is your lucky day. Micromax which has launched its first Android phone has a website up where it is offering an Android phone for free. Hold on. Not so fast. You know nothing comes for free.

This is the viral marketing launched by Micromax to get the Android to a great start. I haven’t seen any other manufacturer resort to this kind of stuff. Here’s what you have to do to stand a chance of getting a free Android phone.

Head over to Fill in a story of what you can do to get your first Android. I am not sure if Micromax will ask to do the thing but be careful.


There are more than 800 entries already. Even if you don’t want to fill in, you can go through some of the entries. Here are some I liked :

"wow my first android ooonn chalo aaj boy frnd ko kiss de hi dete bechra kab se wait kar raha tha is din ka"

i can remove my paints and said in front of all people micromax tussi great ho taufa kabool karo"

"For my first android phone..i can talk with Mahesh Bhatt and yash ji..with ear-plug ofcourse.."

"For getting my first android i can listen Himesh Reshamia’s song for atleast 1 min…after that i can faint.."

"For my first android, I will dump my girlfriend and marry any random girl my parents pick up. True story!"

Competition looks tough and quite a few contenders for the Android phone.

What can I say about Micromax and the campaign? It’s nothing like anything.

[Reproduced from The Gadget Fan blog]

  1. Prince Arya says

    useless cell…………hanging most of the time.

  2. sharu says

    nw i called ths is cool android cell which s suitable evry people who can afford to take it

  3. Hemal says

    For an Android, I can do nothing like anything :)

  4. Amit Saraogi says

    for my first android i will watch all movies of ram gopal verma and himesh reshamiya.

  5. rakesh says

    i will do nothing but expecting to get it because iam already using a micromax x550 phone and iam the big fan of it………

  6. Rahul kaninde says

    i like the feature of Android

  7. aman says

    i love this phone ill give away my nokia e71x for this any one who has the phone call me 9620553253

  8. Ram Pahuja says

    I Like this mobile phone you must try it……………..

  9. akshay singh says

    for my first android i will go to showroom and buy it using my credit card ……………….

  10. GOUTAM GUPTA says

    I can make a vigorous campaign for micromax android mobile to get my first one.

  11. Dheeraj says

    I am ready to give my N78 Nokia for my first android, which I got after a lot of tantrams and request in front of my dad

  12. Nidhi says

    For my first android, i can challenge Rajnikanth !!!!! beat that!

  13. Pawan Kumar says

    I’ll Quit drinking & give my Reliance phone to a needy person for free.

  14. Rajesh says

    I would use application to find new brand of beer launched in my city

  15. Sunil kumar says

    At least now i can leave my girlfriend’s cell for sure……. which is nokia N8

  16. Abhay says

    i will leave my HTC smart for exchange with d android phone..
    n watever d maicrmax peoples tell me to do i will do for them…

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